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Fashion timekeeping

Have consumers lost interest in fashion watches? Not a chance. EMILY MOBBS discovers the category is still thriving with a plethora of new releases set to excite the market. Read more »

Fashionably on time

Fashion watch consumers demand the latest colours, styles and materials. Emily Mobbs says the following roundup of 2014 trends will ensure retailers keep their fingers on the pulse of this competitive sector. Subscription required. Read more »
Men's timpieces continue to increase in sales, with more men buying multiple watches and styles.

The two faces of men's watches

Fashion-forward timepieces abound this season but a return to classic styles is also emerging. Jeff Salton investigates men’s attitudes to watches and how it will affect what retailers stock this season. Subscription required. Read more »

Sell more fashion watches

To say there is a plethora of fashion watch styles on the market would be stating the obvious. Jeff Salton speaks with suppliers and retailers to find ways to maximise sales. Subscription required. Read more »
Pantone Universe by Ice-Watch

Collaborate for a perfect match

Collaborations have the power to achieve what no single organisation can. Emily Mobbs reports that retailers and suppliers are looking for opportunities. Subscription required. Read more »
Apple iWatch rumours for 2013

Apple iWatch on the way?

Is Apple about to enter the watch market with the launch of the iWatch? If you believe all the rumours, it might happen as early as this year. Would it be the greatest shake-up of the industry since the Swatch watch? Read more »
Skagen from Jarass

Wear over wow

This year's watches trends will see less fuss about faces and straps, as consumers swap sparkle for wearability. BIANCA MANGION asks the top time-keepers for the score. Read more »

Timely fashion

With luxuries like excess embellishment and fancy functions, desirability is a big factor in the fashion watch market. But as GRETEL HUNNERUP reports, these styles will still stand the test of time. Read more »

Worth watching

When it comes to today’s timepieces for men, it seems anything goes. With built-in distress transmitters, golf course counters and diamond-encrusted diving watches among this season’s many advancements. CARLA CARUSO reports. Read more »

Watch this space

The trend for fashion watches looks likely to take a more subtle approach this year, but that doesn't mean 2008 timepieces will fade into the background. TALI BOROWSKI reports. Read more »

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showing 1 - 10 of 10 results   

Friday, 20 September, 2019 08:12pm
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