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Feature Stories
Investigating the Australian jewellery landscape

A qualitative study of Australian jewellers has revealed a number of insights about the state of the industry. EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
Hottest jewellery products of 2015

Keeping abreast of jewellery and watch trends is arguably a priority for retailers and consumers alike. It’s no surprise then that the New Products section of Jeweller’s website – which is updated weekly and also presented through the New Products Thursday e-newsletter – generates a high number of reads. Without further ado, here is a showcase of the top jewellery and watches for 2015. Read more »
Endless Jewelry

Feature Stories
Capitalise on white metal jewellery sales this Christmas

White metals have continued a winning streak with consumers in 2015, so what better time to capitalise on sales opportunities than the annual Christmas rush? EMILY MOBBS reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
The new golden age

All signs point to a big year for yellow gold. GEORGIA WESTGARTH heralds in yet another resurgence for jewellery’s most unmistakeable metal. Read more »

Bridal & Engagement Trends
Homegrown bridal jewellery truths

Staying competitive in the bridal market is no easy feat. EMILY MOBBS reveals the latest trends and sales tools expected to help those up for the (rewarding) challenge. Read more »

34 ways to increase sales in tough times

Consumers have money but they’re just not opening their wallets, right? Whether it’s continuing nervousness over the global financial crisis or people just being cautious, many retail sectors are struggling. Try these ideas to increase sales. 
Subscription required. Read more »
Climb high and survive during tough times.

Feature Stories
Thriving in the tough times, not just surviving

When times are tough, and during market corrections or periods of great economic change, savvy businesses can actually position themselves ahead of the competition and succeed not despite the current market conditions, but because of them. Dean Millard went in search of jewellery retailers who are taking advantage of opportunities and are thriving, not just surviving. 
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Holloway Diamonds' energy efficient lighting

Feature Stories
Do consumers really care?

Is ethical jewellery another one of those buzz words, or is it a serious phenomenon that customers care deeply about? Naomi Levin investigates Read more »
Carlie Thitchener

Feature Stories
Age and experience

Australia’s jewellery industry is ageing and traditional skills could be lost if younger talents aren’t nurtured. Sonia Nair investigates training and employment challenges facing young jewellers. Read more »
Inari Kiuru's work bench with material samples and developing work.

Feature Stories
Profile: Jeweller Inari Kiuru

Inari Kiuru, winner of the jewellery Australasian Student Design Award talks about her passion for crafting pieces, what inspires her and her aspirations for the future. Read more »

Feature Stories
Branding Australian jewellery

The meteoric rise of branded jewellery continues to change the local industry, but does 'Australian brand' necessarily mean 'Australian made' jewellery? Read more »
Gold Expressions 2011

Feature Stories
How jewellers can make gold pay

Gold prices continue to rocket, but jewellers and manufacturers are working hard to find innovative ways to make the precious metal pay. Stuart Braun reports. Read more »


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