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Holloway Diamonds

Feature Stories
Diamonds still a precious purchase

Diamond prices continue to rise and today's jewellers need to adapt to the price hikes and convince consumers that diamonds are still a meaningful purchase.  Subscription required. Read more »
Jewellery captures childhood moments

Feature Stories
Children's jewellery on the rise

Children's jewellery can be rewarding segment of the jewellery market but the market has evolved. Are you capturing your share of the kid’s market? Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Why not open a second jewellery store?

After one successful store retailers often consider expanding but there are many pitfalls to opening a second jewellery store. Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Jewellers need to be prepared this Christmas

Christmas is the busiest time for jewellery retailers and in today's current retail climate jewellers need to be more proactive to increase sales.  Subscription required. Read more »
Learn how to 'save' diamond sales

Feature Stories
How to ‘save’ more diamond sales

Diamond jewellery sales are vital to a jewellery store's success and during difficult trading periods it’s important for retailers to ‘save’ sales. Are your staff and managers trained in the art of a ‘save’? Read more »
Miley Cyrus

Feature Stories
Weird and wonderful

Creativity knows no bounds in the world of jewellery design. Deborah Jane Goon examines these wacky, ingenious and sometimes dubious innovations from around the globe. Read more »

Feature Stories
The future is now

Is CAD/CAM a good investment for jewellers, or just another white elephant? CAD/CAM expert Chris Botha outlines how Computer Aided Design can help your business. Read more »
Holloway Diamonds' energy efficient lighting

Feature Stories
Do consumers really care?

Is ethical jewellery another one of those buzz words, or is it a serious phenomenon that customers care deeply about? Naomi Levin investigates Read more »
E.G. Etal

Feature Stories
Creative, young and hungry

Emerging jewellery designers could give your store a unique point of difference. Naomi Levin finds out how the industry can make better use of these new talents Read more »
Pandora at last year's fair, now a prominent figure in the jewellery industry

Feature Stories
20 years young

Deborah Jane Goon examines the growth and changes that have kept pioneering exhibitors of the JAA International Jewellery fair coming back for more each year Read more »
Carlie Thitchener

Feature Stories
Age and experience

Australia’s jewellery industry is ageing and traditional skills could be lost if younger talents aren’t nurtured. Sonia Nair investigates training and employment challenges facing young jewellers. Read more »

Feature Stories
A family affair

Like retail dynasties, blood bonds many Australian jewellery businesses. Stuart Braun discovers how family jewellers nurture trust, integrity and success Read more »
Closing a sale is all the more important for retailers given the climate

Feature Stories
Save more sales

In periods of slow sales it’s more important than ever for jewellery store owners and managers to ‘save’ sales. How to ask for help in closing a sale and how to give it is something that all sales staff and managers should be given training in, says Leonard Zell Read more »

Feature Stories
When the going gets tough…

When sales stall in tough times it's tempting to cut staff and slash prices. Deborah Jane Goon finds that if the tough want to up their ante, they should do just the opposite. Read more »

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