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iPhone 4s camera+ controls (attached to Gorilla pod grip tight)

Feature Stories
Budget Studio photography using your Smartphone

PART 2: Producing high-quality product photos of jewellery using smartphone cameras requires an understanding of exposure and focus, says studio photographer Lex McColl. Read more »
Retailers can now take their own quality images

Feature Stories
Smartphone jewellery photography: studio images from your desktop

PART 1: Studio photographer Lex McColl discusses how jewellers can take high-quality photos of product using only their smartphones and a few low-cost accessories. Read more »

Can jewellery keep a secret?

While jewellery pieces containing secret compartments traditionally have been used for either sinful or sentimental purposes, INDIA NICHOLSON finds that modern day translations often take on a more playful function.   Read more »
Now, with the ability to compare online, insurance businesses have had to adapt. And consumers are the beneficiaries

Feature Stories
Is multichannel retailing dead, already?

Online retail commentator Chris Morley discusses the strategies needed by traditional retailers to counter the ongoing (perceived) threat of web-based shopping. Subscription required. Read more »
While they might not be as expensive or valuable as their round  counterparts, Mabe pearls are exquisite in their own right

Feature Stories
Mabe pearls treasures of the deep

High profile jewellery photographer Richard Weinstein and travel writer Kris Madden were invited to Vietnam to witness first-hand the country’s thriving Mabe pearl industry. Here is their account. Read more »

Is the diamond grading system flawed?

Do current diamond grading certificates mislead consumers by not accurately reflecting the quality and beauty of each stone? Jeff Salton investigates if it’s time the industry developed a better grading system. Read more »

Feature Stories
Cleaning diamond rings for profit

If consumers complain about the charge for cleaning a diamond ring, retailers should explain the process in detail. As WINK JONES reports, a little education could be the difference between a sale and an unhappy customer. Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Leaving a mark

There are many similarities between the jewellery industries of the UK and Australia, but one significant difference lies in hallmarking. Jeff Salton asks why? Subscription required. Read more »

Why aren't synthetic diamonds cheaper?

Lab-created synthetic gemstones are available in many varieties at prices well below natural ones, yet synthetic diamonds continue to carry a sharp pricing premium. Neil Beaty explains why lab-created diamonds are priced differently. Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Pulling power of promotions

Faced with a choice between a store with a reputation for no-fuss low prices and an exciting destination with quality products, Jeff Salton finds it’s a no-brainer.  Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Tap into your feminine side

Retailers who ignore female buying patterns do so at their own peril. The fairer sex is estimated to make 80 per cent of all purchasing decisions, as Emily Mobbs discovers. Subscription required. Read more »

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