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The world's largest sapphire
The world's largest sapphire

World’s 9 largest gemstones up for sale

A collection of rare gemstones – which includes one of the world’s largest sapphires as well as eight other world record-holding specimens – has been offered for sale.

The Ophir Sapphire is "roughly the size of a dinner plate"
The Ophir Sapphire is "roughly the size of a dinner plate"

The Ophir Collection is comprised of 40 gemstones, nine of which have been deemed by Guinness World Records to be the largest known individual specimens of their kind in the world.

One of these gemstones is the Ophir Sapphire that has been described as being “roughly the size of a dinner plate”. With a weight of 31,308 carats, the Ophir Sapphire was verified by Guinness World Records in December 2013 as being the world’s largest faceted sapphire.

The other world records relate to the largest cut pieces of: serendibite at 65.22 carats, grandidierite at 4.32 carats, brown sapphire at 5,905 carats, tanzanite at 508.06 carats, neptunite at 15.43 carats, hibonite at 23.66 carats, and painite at 25.92 carats.

The collection’s 22.64-carat Ophir Musgravite is also the current world record holder for the largest cut musgravite, however, interestingly, the Ophir Grand Musgravite – which was first believed to be a taafeite gemstone – is nearly ten times the size with a weight of 214.16 carats.

The group of gemstones is owned by US-based company, Ophir Collection LLC, and according to its website, the collection still has “numerous applications for additional records still pending”.

All gemstones in the collection have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America, with the exception of one – the 27.66-carat Ophir Mystique. Believed to be a new mineral, an official release from Ophir Collection stated, “The Ophir Mystique has the distinction of being both the largest – and possibly the only – specimen of its kind in the world.”

The collection is being offered for sale to “qualified buyers”.


For the entire range of stones, visit The Ophir Collection<

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