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The awards program aims to raise the profile of boulder opal locally and overseas and encourage jewellers to work with the gemstone
The awards program aims to raise the profile of boulder opal locally and overseas and encourage jewellers to work with the gemstone

Boulder opal jewellery awards revitalised

The Queensland Boulder Opal Association has refreshed the format of its annual opal jewellery design awards for the program’s 10-year anniversary.

The Queen of Gems International Boulder Opal Jewellery Design Awards invite local and international jewellers to design handmade pieces that use Queensland boulder opal as the focal point.

Queensland Boulder Opal Association (QBOA) secretary Narelle Banning said the competition encouraged jewellers that might not have previously used boulder opal to learn more about sourcing and working with the Australian gemstone. 

“The media reports on the competition results always create interest in the wider public arena,” Banning added.

She noted that 10–25 per cent of entries were usually from international jewellers, suggesting the awards program had also contributed to increasing the knowledge of the gemstone overseas.

For the 2016 edition of the awards, Banning said a number of changes had been made to the categories. She explained that the previous design drawing category had been removed, the novice and apprentice categories had been consolidated into a single category, and a new category had been added to the mix.

The three 2016 categories include: Professional Jeweller, for experienced, working jewellers; Emerging Jeweller, for apprentices, students and novices; and Object Design, for pieces that cannot be worn on the body, such as carvings.

“After 10 years of competition, [the QBOA] felt it was time to re-evaluate the entry categories, which would be refreshing for both the entrants as well the viewing public,” Banning commented.

In addition to the monetary prizes, Banning said jewellers that entered the competition would benefit from the associated publicity.

“QBOA is serious about marketing its product as well as supporting the end users,” she said. “The competition has established a reputation with industry media and jewellers across the country, which will lead to increased recognition for all jewellers who enter this competition.”

Entries close on 13 June 2016 and winners will be announced on 8 July at a reception held as part of the annual Opal Tradeshow in Winton, Queensland.

The tradeshow will be take place from 8 to 9 July.

2015 award entrants

"Burst of Blue" by Ian Mac McArthur
"Burst of Blue" by Ian Mac McArthur
"La Princesse" by Stephen Tasic
"La Princesse" by Stephen Tasic
"Light of the Earth" by Ian Mac McArthur
"Light of the Earth" by Ian Mac McArthur
"Trickling Water" by Lisa Gaze
"Trickling Water" by Lisa Gaze

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