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The Evotech Pacific portal will connect jewellers with experienced, local CAD designers

Evolution Jewellers expands into manufacturing

A CAD software and training supplier has extended its services in response to the increasing number of jewellery retailers seeking to outsource their manufacturing work. Read more >>
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Evolution Jewellers' Gemvision Matrix V8 and Counter Sketch Studio software

Evolution Jewellers

2015 Sydney Jewellery Fair Stand H36
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LST Group's 3Design Version 9

LST Group

2015 Sydney Jewellery Fair Stand G43
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Back to the future for Point of Sale

POS systems are making sweeping advancements to keep up with a changing retail landscape. Coleby Nicholson reports one needn’t be afraid of new technology; it’s designed to make life easier. Subscription required. Read more >>
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POS Report: Interview with Malcolm Alderton


Years in operation: 33
Number of employees: 16
Based in: Australia, NZ, US
Main products offered: Business development software and mentoring
Number of clients who use the software: 500
Number of developers and support staff: 10
Phone: 1800 804 333

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POS Report: Interview with Raeleen Kaesehagen


Years in operation: 15
Number of employees: 7
Based in: Brisbane, Queensland
Main products offered: Swim Jewellery Software
Number of clients who use the software: 515
Number of developers and support staff: 6
Phone: 1300 136 121

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The new Sales Associate module for Edge Pulse allows jewellery retailers to track key performance indicators for individual staff

Jewellers gain new tool to strengthen sales teams

Jewellery retailers now have access to a software feature designed to help train and motivate staff in real time from any location in the world. Read more >>
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Edge Pulse allows store owners to review the performance of their salespeople

New software gives jewellers an edge on store management

A new software application that enables jewellery retailers to manage their stores in real time from any location in the world will launch at the Sydney trade fair. Read more >>
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3D Printing: friend or foe?

The world is fast becoming enamoured with the possibilities provided by 3D printing, but does the technology present any threats to the trade? Jeff Salton explores. Read more >>
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The consumption of mobile, internet capable technologies by the public has created great opportunities for direct marketing for retailers.

Smart Shopping: change or disappear

Rattled by online competition and depressed sales traditional retailers and jewellers are embracing multi-channel operations, like smart phone shopping, to reach increasingly more demanding customers at their point of need 24 hours a day. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Use your data to get to know your customers. They don't have to remain bits of information on your computer.

Database to Data-face: Know your customers

Want to know how to effectively market your jewellery business and engage your customers? Get to know your customers with the right data – you’ll be surprised with your sale results. Subscription required. Read more >>
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Angus & Coote's Pitt Street store is its first store to be fitted out with the new system

Jewellery thieves to be branded with custom DNA

Retailer Angus & Coote is employing an innovative security system that sees potential thieves sprayed with store-specific DNA. Read more >>
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