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Made in Earth's latest dendritic quartz jewellery

Made in Earth

Brazil is home to the dendritic quartz, the centrepiece of these two jewellery pieces. Read more >>
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Soho's new addition to its London collection


This 9ct gold and matte titanium ring is a new addition to Soho's London collection. Read more >>
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The latest additions to Pandora's Stories collection


Brown translucent smoky quartz is the star in Pandora’s latest suite of jewellery. Read more >>
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Opals Australia's new pendant

Opals Australia

Unusual in its shape and design, this pendant is an extension of Opal Australia’s contemporary sterling silver range. Read more >>
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Cudworth's new Cai Men's range uses oxidised silver

Men’s jewellery a hit in Brisbane

New men’s jewellery ranges and increasing consumer demand for the category sparked retailer interest at Brisbane’s recent JAA Jewellery Fair.

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Ellani Collections' new nature-inspired pendants

Ellani Collections

Inspired by insect motifs, these playful pendants are new to Ellani Collection’s jewellery. Read more >>
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Ventum's new pink rose pendant


Akin to the carnivorous sundew plant that ensnares insects with its tentacles, this pendant encases a heart made of cubic zirconia. Read more >>
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Amellee will release five new sterling silver fashion jewellery collections

Amelleé targets ‘affordable luxury’ jewellery market

A new Australian-owned company has launched five premium sterling silver fashion jewellery collections under the name of Amelleé. Read more >>
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Thomas Sabo pendant from Pop Now!

Thomas Sabo

This playful, nature-inspired pendant hails from Thomas Sabo’s latest seasonal collection, Pop Now!. Read more >>
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The Najo 'bird of freedom' pendant


The ‘bird of freedom’ pendant is Najo’s latest addition to its Acapulco collection. Read more >>
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The Blue Turtles clear four-leaf clover pendant

Blue Turtles

Elegantly embellished with a real four-leaf clover, this Blue Turtles' pendant has been launched just in time for St Patrick’s Day. Read more >>
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Sj Jewels' cherry blossom pendant

SJ Jewels pursues overseas expansion

Boutique jewellery supplier SJ Jewels is poised to launch its silver collection in the UK after securing a distributor for its Saramai label. Read more >>
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Saturday, 25 March, 2017 08:53am
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