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Thomas Sabo

White metal jewellery is hot

Can white metal jewellery get any hotter next year? Naomi Levin explores what the 2012 trends will be and why the ‘whites’ will get even more popular. Read more >>
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New from Thomas Sabo, the Pearls for Girls range

Thomas Sabo

These charms are the latest from Thomas Sabo’s Pearls for Girls collection. Read more >>
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Made in Earth's latest pendants set in sterling silver

Made in Earth

New from Made in Earth is this striking pendant with an intricate design. Read more >>
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New personalised pieces from Uberkate's Drop Pendants range


The new Drop Pendants is the latest personalised collection from Uberkate. Read more >>
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Karen Walker's filigree pendants come in the shapes of various animals

Karen Walker

Intricate animal-shaped pendants typify the latest collection of filigree pendants from Karen Walker. Read more >>
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An eclectic new bracelet from Blingissimo ITALY

Blingissimo ITALY

This eye-catching bracelet is new from Blingissimo ITALY. Read more >>
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Amethyst coloured earrings from Morellato


Decadent and vibrant – these pieces are the latest from Morellato’s spring/summer collection. Read more >>
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Ichu Jewellery's new range of bangles

Ichu Jewellery

This edgy range of bangles is the latest from Ichu Jewellery. Read more >>
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Najo's new Rapture charm bracelet allows for complete personalisation


Leather bracelets with stunning charms illustrate Najo's Rapture collection. Read more >>
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The Cachet Envelope pendant is a new personalised piece from Cotton & Co

Cotton & Co

New from Cotton & Co, this elegant pendant is part of its Cachet collection. Read more >>
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The Headset pendant from Darkcloud's unique line of sterling silver jewellery

DJ jewellery spins success

A unique line of DJ-themed jewellery featuring tiny turntables, headphones and record crates has been popping up on fashion blogs around the world. Read more >>
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The sister2SISTER program in collaboration with a new sterling silver pendant from Magnolia

International jeweller teams up with local charity

Magnolia Jewellery Australia has created a pendant in collaboration with a Sydney-based charity for teenage girls. Read more >>
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Saturday, 25 March, 2017 08:53am
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