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Fairs and Events
International Jewellery Fair 2018 - Show & Tell

Once a year, the who’s who of the Australian and New Zealand jewellery industries assemble in Sydney for Sydney's International Jewellery Fair. Read more »

Pandora in turmoil, CEO quits amidst job cuts

Just two days after announcing “organisational adjustments”, Pandora’s CEO and president Anders Colding Friis has given notice of his resignation. Read more »
Olympus Innov-X's GoldXpert Countertop XRF gold testing machine

New Products
Olympus Innov-X

Olympus offers the best of both worlds. Read more »
Olympus Innov-X's Vanta™ handheld XRF analysers

New Products
Olympus Innov-X

Olympus is confidently accurate. Read more »
Rapid Casting's Jewellery CAD/CAM specialist. Courtesy of Matt Wynne

New Products
Rapid Casting

Rapid Casting is a total game changer. Read more »
Dharmanandan Diamonds' Blockchain based diamond provenance

New Products
Dharmanandan Diamonds

Dharmanandan Diamonds pictures the Persona of Peerless Intelligence. Read more »
TOK Brothers' jewellery making process from CAD design to completion

New Products
TOK Brothers

TOK Brothers is in pursuit of perfection. Read more »
Peter W Beck's double-sided displays

New Products
Peter W Beck

Peter W Beck vows to be forever and always. Read more »
Evotech Pacific's stainless steel torch shaped pendant

New Products
Evotech Pacific

Evotech promises new technological innovations for jewellers. Read more »
Tino Vella Design's luxury showcases

New Products
Tino Vella Design

Tino Vella will make you a star at your event. Read more »
Palloys' gold ring tree

New Products

Palloys’ knowledge repository will make a jeweller's life easier. Read more »
Chemgold's 3D printing and CAD/CAM services

New Products

Chemgold offers endless possibilities. Read more »


Wednesday, 15 August, 2018 09:06pm
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