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Editor's Desk
Ignore bread-and-butter jewellery at your own risk

Bread-and-butter jewellery items might not be the most exciting products in a store’s offering but that doesn’t mean they should be left out in the cold. COLEBY NICHOLSON has first-hand experience of a retailer who learned this the hard way. Read more »
The upcoming meeting will cover the accreditation program, consumer law and the JAA Code of Conduct

Jewellers meeting clarifies key industry topics

Australian jewellers will have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of a number of industry issues by attending an upcoming information session. Read more »
The new policy involves independent assessment of any suspicious diamonds

Industry tackles diamond over-grading head-on

Three international diamond industry bodies have jointly introduced a policy designed to tackle over-grading concerns and restore consumer confidence. Read more »
Richemont is seeking to sell high-end jewellery and watches through its luxury online retail platform. Source: Cartier

Jewellers invited to build online retail platform

A luxury goods giant that owns a number of high-end watch and jewellery brands has reportedly asked its competitors to help build an online retail platform that would rival the likes of Amazon. Read more »

Confusion over jewellery magazine closures

News that two Australian jewellery trade magazines have merged is raising several questions not only in regards to the state of the industry but also which title will actually cease publication. COLEBY NICHOLSON addresses the confusion.   Read more »
A retailer has suffered numerous stab wounds from a jewellery store attack. Source: ABC News, Kristina Harazim

Jewellery retailer stabbed in store attack

A jewellery store staff member is said to be in a “serious condition” after suffering numerous stab wounds from a daytime attack. Read more »
Allure South Sea Pearls

Feature Stories
Pearls Down Under: the changing industry

The pearl industry is undergoing a raft of changes at production, supply and retail levels. EMILY MOBBS dives down for a closer look. Read more »

The gem detective: green gemstones

Transparent, faceted green gemstones ranging from mint to moss to dark viridian have held our fascination for generations. What could they be? Megan Austin continues the Gem Detective series. Read more »

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Solving the content puzzle

Coming up with unique content can be time consuming and difficult. UPASNA KAKROO discusses ways jewellers can easily generate content for store websites and social media pages. Read more »

Feature Stories
Gender bender branding: male, female or both?

Gender-based marketing is a traditional approach to business; think pink for girls and blue for boys. However, recent trends indicate a shift towards androgynous and gender-neutral branding, particularly in the jewellery industry. ANGELA TUFVESSON reports on recent findings. Read more »

10 tips for motivating jewellery staff

The key to success for any business is the right staff; however, difficult trading conditions could call for an employee review. Instead of trying to motivate people, the key is to inspire the motivated and remove the unmotivated. Read more »
Mark McGuire, Celestial Fine Jewels

Soapbox & Opinions
The power of passion

“My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose.” – Bette Davis. Read more »


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