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Ruby and sapphire cuts

Ruby and sapphire cuts

Rubies and sapphires should be cut to retain as much weight as possible, while still aiming to retain brilliance and a pleasant shape. KATHERINE KOVACS reports. Read more »

New Products

A rose gold and silver set from Italian jewellery brand Padovani. Read more »
Mark Milton

New Products
Mark Milton

A ring with matching earrings, featuring diamonds and gold. Read more »
S J Jewels

New Products
SJ Jewels

A hinged bangle with sterling silver, enamel and amethyst. Read more »
Opals Australia (yellow gold)

New Products
Opals Australia

Crystal opal and diamonds feature in a gold pendant from Opals Australia. Read more »
GDL Accessories presents Lacoste

New Products

The iconic French brand takes on the watch market with a colourful timepiece. Read more »
Luvlets by Paterson Fine Jewellery

New Products

The Luvlets range of children's jewellery includes brightly-coloured sterling silver "Luvlets". Read more »
Sell with personality

Tips on Selling
Sell more jewellery with more personality

Anyone can sell on price however, it’s another thing entirely to sell with personality and passion. Sales expert MARK HUNTER urges staff to use their confidence and personality to captivate customers.
Subscription required. Read more »
Ole Lynggaard

Feature Stories
Indelible impressions

The phenomenon of branding in recent years has irrevocably changed Australian jewellery retailing. NICK LORD chats with a few of the key players. Read more »
Children's jewellery is gaining prominence

Feature Stories
Child’s play

Don’t be fooled by their diminutive status. From bubs to tweens, children are far from ignored in the jewellery world, and rightly so. CARLA CARUSO reports. Read more »
Astronomically expensive watch

Little Gems
Astronomically expensive watch

The "Little Gems" bulletin board is filled with weird and wonderful snippets about the world of jewellery. Read more »
Inaccurate assessments of jewellery place retailers who do repairs in a dangerous situation

Sued jeweller serves as warning

A recent civil lawsuit – against an innocent jeweller – provides a valuable lesson for all jewellers. Read more »


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