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Chemgold’s JewelMounts range

New Products

Chemgold lets you customise your wildest dreams. Read more »
Morris & Watson’s 3D modelling

New Products
Morris & Watson

Morris & Watson brings your designs to life. Read more »
Image courtesy: Luna Skye Jewelry

Feature Stories
2018 Jewellery Trends: Perfectly Imperfect

Trend setters all over the globe have spoken: dainty, ‘imperfect’ styles are shaping this season’s fashion jewellery scene. TALIA PAZ details how retailers can make the most of these offerings. Read more »
Centenary celebrations are currently underway for Adelaide jeweller Archer & Holland

Family jeweller celebrates 100 years

One of Adelaide’s oldest family owned jewellers is celebrating 100 years in business, providing a positive example of longevity in the jewellery industry. Read more »
Queen Elizabeth’s ‘halo’ tiara is just one of the highlights of Cartier's current exhibition in Canberra

‘Most valuable’ jewellery exhibition opens in Australia

The tiara Kate Middleton wore at her wedding to Prince William will be just one historic piece on display at a jewellery exhibition in Canberra. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
A fair go for gold

During my early days as a jeweller, troubling images of filthy mines with poor working conditions prompted me to research alternative gold sources. This led me to become Australia’s first licensed supplier of Fairtrade Certified Gold, a qualification which guarantees the gold I work with has been mined and sold according to Fairtrade standards. Read more »

Top Jewellery Trends
Trends of 2018: Earrings

When it comes to earrings this season, it’s simple: the bigger, the better. ALEX EUGENE reports. Read more »
Love Locket’s Summer Rose teardrop locket

New Products
Love Lockets

Love Lockets charms in a teardrop. Read more »

My Store
My Store: E.G Etal

E.G.Etal's unique store gallery is specially designed to facilitate and enhance a personal relationship with their artists and their work. Read more »

Trading Post
What can Retail learn from the Christmas sales results

The latest Christmas jewellery sales are in. As TALIA PAZ reports, feedback has revealed a number of insights into the industry’s landscape, with expectations laid out for the year ahead. Read more »
The latest results of how jewellers fared over the Christmas period are in

Latest Christmas jewellery sales reveal state of industry

Jewellery retailer’s latest Christmas trading results have revealed a number of insights into the industry’s landscape and the expectations for the year ahead. Read more »

Feature Stories
International in-store design secrets

In-store design is a major influencer of consumer purchasing decisions but finding the right visual strategy isn’t always easy. TALIA PAZ scours the globe in search of jewellery stores with the X factor. Read more »


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