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Amanda Hunter is the new executive director at the JAA

Editor's Desk
A changing face for the JAA

With an IT and marketing background, Amanda Hunter joined the JAA as executive director at a time of significant change. Jeweller spoke to her six weeks into the role. Read more »
Graff is world renowned for its coloured diamond collection. This recent remake of its old campaign has taken the world by storm.

Create a new love affair with coloured diamonds

Thanks to improved mining and cutting technology as well as the fascination that various celebrities have with coloured diamonds, COLEBY NICHOLSON discovered that many retailers are creating a point of difference using “fancies”.   Read more »
Coleby Nicholson

Editor's Desk
Shaken by the shift

There’s a lot of talk about brands these days. Everywhere you turn someone is discussing their new brand or existing brand and most of the time they are referring to the products a company sells. Coleby Nicholson has previously written about branding, with a particular focus on what is and is not a brand. This time, he discusses retail branding and the future of suppliers' branding initiatives. Read more »


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