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APPS for jewellers

Are you aware of the host of tablet and smartphone apps created to benefit your jewellery business? Emily Mobbs explores the latest apps helping to transform the industry. Subscription required. Read more »
Ideally, jewellers should be creating their own quality content for digital channels

New rules of (online) engagement

While jewellers may have mastered how to successfully engage with customers offline, the digital sphere is a whole other ball game. Emily Mobbs says don’t get trapped into making a social media faux pas.     Read more »
Resist the attraction of shiny things

Avoid becoming a retailing magpie

Like some consumers, jewellers can also become impulse buyers if they’re not careful. Tony and Leanne Argyle say restraint is needed when the temptation to stock up on new products presents itself. Subscription required. Read more »


Sunday, 22 July, 2018 05:35am
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