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Swatch wants to reduce its supply of mechanical watch movements to third parties

Swatch forced to ease component restrictions

In what is said to be a victory for independent watchmakers, the Swatch Group has been prevented from dramatically cutting distribution of its watch components to other companies next year. Read more »
Men's timpieces continue to increase in sales, with more men buying multiple watches and styles.

The two faces of men's watches

Fashion-forward timepieces abound this season but a return to classic styles is also emerging. Jeff Salton investigates men’s attitudes to watches and how it will affect what retailers stock this season. Subscription required. Read more »
Citizen at Baselworld 2013 with its installation art, 'Frozen Time', using watch parts.

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New Faces Galore at Basel

Following a major redevelopment, BaselWorld unveiled a new look to best-ever visitor numbers. Coleby Nicholson says brands responded with stunning product lines.  Read more »


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