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The certificate will clearly state that the diamond has been lab-grown

Certificates for synthetic diamonds

International body HRD Antwerp will launch a Synthetic Diamond Certificate service later this year for lab-grown diamonds. Read more »
The man raided the exhibition, escaping with jewellery and watches

$150 million jewellery heist

For the third time this year, Cannes has featured as the location of a major jewellery robbery, this time to the tune of EUR103 million (A$149m), also making it one of the world’s largest jewellery thefts.
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The ASA concluded the retailer didn't adequately show that wearing beads could produce the benefits listed on the website

More complaints about amber jewellery

Another online retailer has come under fire for making misleading claims about the therapeutic benefits of its amber bead necklaces. Read more »
Swatch has already begun to activate plans for the newly acquired Harry Winston brand

Swatch reveals Harry Winston plans

The Swatch Group has released its latest financial results for the first six months of the year as well as plans for its recently acquired Harry Winston brand. Read more »
Danielle Mondo, winner of Fairfax and Roberts’ jewellery design contest

Jeweller backed by renowned retailer

The owner of a small jewellery business will soon have her design idea for a silver pendant manufactured and sold by a prominent Australian jewellery retailer. Read more »
Should 4C's now become 6?

Selling the 4C's or is it now 6C's?

How are your diamond jewellery sales at the moment and could they do with an uplift? Have your selling methods changed with the times?  Read more »
Peter Bakker, Bakker Diamonds

Soapbox & Opinions
Free storage ain’t what it used to be

Many manufacturing jewellers like me use CAD/casting companies to create professional designs and moulds for our jewellery. Read more »
The key to finding success lies in fan engagement, which will provide smaller businesses with greater visibility

Time to face some Facebook facts

Facebook has undergone numerous updates and guideline amendments in 2013. Emily Mobbs finds many of these changes affect business pages and explains why it’s important for users to keep informed. Read more »

Feature Stories
Using your body (language) to make sales

The ability to read and use body language can help a salesperson discern whether a customer is ready to buy or ready to walk, according to international body language expert Allan Pease. Subscription required. Read more »

Side-effects of Glass-filled sapphires

A new method of enhancing sapphire is emerging that makes great-looking sapphire more affordable, but jewellers should be aware of side-effects. FGAA’s Megan Austin discusses. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Selling the four, or is it six, C's

The ubiquitous 4Cs of diamond marketing have today been expanded to number five, six or even more Cs. What are these new Cs, and can they affect your business? Nick Lord reports. Subscription required. Read more »
Men's timpieces continue to increase in sales, with more men buying multiple watches and styles.

The two faces of men's watches

Fashion-forward timepieces abound this season but a return to classic styles is also emerging. Jeff Salton investigates men’s attitudes to watches and how it will affect what retailers stock this season. Subscription required. Read more »


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