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My Store: FinerRings

FinerRings allows customers to get involved in their design process allowing them to select exactly what they want in their jewellery





Country: Melbourne, VIC

Name: Taiba Ash

Position: Owner

When was the space completed?


Who is the target market and how did they influence the store design?

FinerRings' target market extends to a wide range of women aged in their early teens all the way to the older crowd. Our mantra is creating quality, affordable jewellery for women of any age.

While our store originally started as a temporary lease, we are still here three years later! It is a place for people to come shopping, get to know our brand and understand what FinerRings is all about.

Our fresh and fun store space is inspired by the on-trend and timeless, stylish jewellery we create. This enticing space is appealing to all our customers – they are greeted with a smile and a world of design possibilities.

With the relationship between store ambience and consumer purchasing in mind, which features encourage sales?

The warm and bright interior is a relaxing and funspace for our customers to shop.

The open store design allows customers to peruse our pieces or get involved in our design process. Our pieces are customisable, allowing customers to select exactly what they want in their jewellery.

We pride ourselves on creating quality jewellery and our customers can enjoy the interactive experience right before their eyes. Our staff

handmake beautiful pieces, tailored to the requests of our customers, and this aspect of FinerRings sets our brand apart from others.

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

Our store is a bright and welcoming space; the jewellery is displayed on crisp pieces of marble that hang on our floor-to-ceiling shelves.

The gorgeous arch windows let in an abundance of afternoon sunlight, creating a warm and inviting space for customers.

Our friendly staff will assist our customers on style tips and adding that special touch in every piece of jewellery, made with love and care.




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