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My Store: Black Betty

Black Betty offers a super creative, fun, and comfortable store environment for their customers.




Country: Sea point, Cape Town & Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Name: Kristin Weixelbaumer

Position: Owner

When was the space completed?

2019 & 2020.

Who is the target market and how did they influence the store design?

Our target market is all ages. We love seeing that journey of a young person buying their first piece of silver or gold-plated jewellery for himself or herself, to someone buying a lifelong gold piece that they’ll be able to pass down for generations.

Female empowerment is a core value of ours so we generally cater towards women. We want women to be their best, most confident selves.

We also encourage people to accept all parts of themselves, flaws and all. Our identity as ‘black’ speaks to that beautiful part of us that is not afraid of the dark. This has been a huge influence on how we have created the space - we play up the drama with lots of black, skulls, candles etc.

Then we have textures and metals that shine through beautifully, like our bright diamond that shines at the back of our Sea Point store.

With the relationship between store ambience and consumer purchasing in mind, which features encourage sales?

The first thing that springs to mind is our Sea Point store’s gold-painted entrance, which gives a feeling of walking into a display case filled with jewels.

Our aim is to create a super creative, fun and comfortable store environment. Both stores have lovely couches to welcome customers to chat with our staff about possible bespoke pieces and to open the floor to make the jewellery experience personal. We want our customers to really feel heard so that’s an important part of our philosophy.

Our ‘ear candy section’ is also a favourite. It’s where customers can look and play with designs before they get their ears pierced, and so they can carefully consider how we are piercing them and with what jewels.

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

The jewels, of course!




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