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My Store: Hamilton & Inches

Hamilton & Inches has created a retail experience that honours heritage.



Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Name: Victoria Houghton

Position: CEO

When was the renovated space completed?

April 2021.

Who is the target market and how did they influence the store design?

The customer experience has been at the forefront of the project to renovate our Edinburgh flagship store – a five-storey Georgian townhouse – since its inception. We incorporated residential elements into a retail environment to achieve an inviting and warm atmosphere, while creating a memorable experience for all to enjoy.

We wanted to create a space that was luxurious but not intimidating; a retail environment where everyone felt comfortable to browse our hand- crafted jewellery, silver and watches.

We have a huge range of products and truly believe there is something for everyone.

With consumer purchasing in mind, which features encourage sales?

Our new ‘lifestyle’ area, which includes stylish service desks throughout, offers customers a space where they can drop in to shop, or stay for a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne.

Customers also have access to a more intimate and discreet shopping experience with the private VIP consultation rooms, where we create a tailored experience that suits their needs.

We wanted to reflect the quality and design excellence of our products throughout the showroom design and construction.

What is the store design’s ‘wow factor’?

That ‘wow factor’ for me is the transformation. It has kept and enhanced the building’s historic accents and celebrates the essence of Hamilton & Inches, which was founded in 1866.

We’ve created a retail experience that honours heritage while innovating with contemporary design.

Hamilton & Inches carefully selected local tradespeople for the renovation project, choosing each for their skills, expertise, and like-minded craftsmanship.

By championing local suppliers and using traditional materials, the organisations have created a trustworthy assurance of quality, ensuring that the showroom delights our new and returning customers.









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