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Now Showing: Kim Jung-Un’s watch collection review; a peony brooch so real you can smell it; and a surprise 'opal volcano' erupts with colour

This week, a watch expert reviews watch collections of famous world leaders, meet Cindy Chao who reveals how she created a historic piece of jewellery dedicated to the symbolic peony flower and see how colours burst out of a newly cut opal rough. 

Iconic peony brooch so real you can smell its aroma

By V&A |  Length 04:01


Up close: face-to-face with every birthstone

By Gemstones  |  Length 17:10


A surprise ‘opal volcano’ erupts with colour

By Black Opal Direct |  Length 15:16


Watch expert reacts to Kim Jung-Un’s watch collection (and other world Leaders)

By  Nico Leonard |  Length 08:30


Outback miners find $16k work of gold in bad conditions

By Aussie Gold & Opal Hunters  Length 08:19




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