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Now Showing: Close encounter with the gems of the Smithsonian; cutting a 1,200-carat black opal; and make a simple ‘spinner ring’ for anxiety

This week, a jeweller creates a spinner ring that helps reduce anxiety, get up close and personal with the Smithsonian's most priceless gems, and watch the polishing of a 1,200-carat black opal and see the final result. 

Get to know Smithsonian’s most priceless gems

By Gemstones  |  Length 07:40


What will this 1,200-carat black opal become?

By Pulitzer Opal |  Length 11:10


Making a simple ‘spinner ring’ for anxiety

By Stardust Mine Jewellery |  Length 08:10


Pavé vs Solitaire bands – which to choose?

By  Bonnie Jewelry |  Length 09:03


Top 10 treasures of Princess Diana

By Andrew Pidor  Length 20:24




Rapid Casting

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