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'Naked in Barcelona' crafted by Dan Palmer
'Naked in Barcelona' crafted by Dan Palmer
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The Village Goldsmith nominated for NZ Design Awards

Ian Douglas, owner and founder of Wellington-based The Village Goldsmith has been nominated for the fourth consecutive time for New Zealand’s Jewellery Design Awards.
Two of Douglas’s designs have been nominated for this prestigious award, showcasing both skill and creativity with an eclectic appeal.

Douglas’s first piece is a ring crafted by master craftsman Dan Palmer from The Village Goldsmith. The detailed ring is adorned with Palmer’s signature style featuring a blend of platinum and gold with a breath-taking central pear shaped diamond.

Strolling through the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Barcelona allowed Douglas to form the basis of his latest inspiration, aptly called ‘Naked Barcelona.’

Douglas said, “It was highly amusing watching other people and the casual manner of a naked walker. The situation epitomises the spontaneous nature of Spanish life.”

Douglas’s creative influence coupled with the tenacious work of Palmer paved the way for an eclectic diamond ring; set to amaze the critics this year. “It’s a highly technical ring and required someone of immense skill to execute. Dan was the obvious choice,” said Douglas.

In stark contrast, with less than five years experience, 21-year-old Nick Hensman who is an apprentice at The Village Goldsmith finds himself in direct competition with the experienced Palmer, who boasts over three decades of experience in the jewellery industry.

Already an award-winning craftsman, Hensman won this coveted award in 2009, only to find himself back at the pinnacle of it again this year.

Signified by New Zealand’s short history, Hensman nostalgically named his piece ‘1886’.  Inspired by the ‘pink and white terraces,’ which were once a wonder of the world - the terraces were destroyed in 1886, the year Mount Tarawera volcano erupted.

'1886' by Nick Hensman
'1886' by Nick Hensman

Hensman’s ‘1886’ consists of a gem-encrusted necklace in silver and rose gold, and works well with The Village Goldsmith ethos.

“It’s a bit strange having an apprentice and a master craftsman vying for the same prize, but it’s a thrill to have come this far again,” said Douglas.

Considered the country’s most coveted jewellery competition, the New Zealand Jewellery Design Awards is held in conjunction with the New Zealand Jewellery Show. Now in it’s sixth year, the competition presents leading contemporary and fine jewellery from across the nation. The show runs from September 9 to 11 at the Michael Fowler Centre.

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