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The new Jewellers Collective homepage, another way young jewellers are working together
The new Jewellers Collective homepage, another way young jewellers are working together

Australian first for new website

Two young jewellers have cut the ribbon on a web-based forum designed to help up-and-coming jewellers.
Ewen Ryley and Brett Low recently announced the launch of the, which is now online and ready for industry members’ registration.

The site grew from the popularity of the 275-member-strong Young Jewellers Group Facebook page, and it concentrates on connecting less-experienced jewellers with industry mainstays and fostering discussion about the profession.

“Brett Low and I are very proud to announce the launch of,” Ryley commented via the group’s Facebook page. “The site is open for all ages and experience levels.”

Ryley, one of the YJG’s founding members, told Jeweller that could help members from all areas of the industry network and gain knowledge from other members.

“Jewellers will be able to gain info about things like hand making, CAD and even wages for apprentices,” Ryley said. “It will be easy to navigate and based on the principles of the YJG.”

A formal registration process categorises members via profession and skills, segmenting the forum into specific areas of interest.

The site is split into information-sharing forums including topics on job opportunities; CAD/CAM digital jewellery; new and used jewellery items for sale; image galleries; ‘On the Bench,’ providing bench tips and professional help; ‘Off the Bench,’ for general informal discussion and finally the forum dedicated to members of the Young Jewellers Group.

“The site is comprised of all the major topics we found popular throughout the YJG Facebook page,” Ryley said.

After a concerted effort to involve young jewellers in the industry, the pair believes the forum is an effective method to learn and network with experienced members of the industry.

“It’s an exciting platform to strengthen communication in the industry, not just in Australia but around the world,” Ryley said. “It’s still in early development stages with more features to be launched in the coming months.”

Ryley and Low intend to make the YJG an exclusive category on the website and are working towards finalising a Board of Mentors for YJG members.

“The plan is to make the YJG an exclusive area of,” Ryley added. “We have got a couple of industry leaders lined up for the Board of Mentors, so apprentices and students will feel less pressured about posting comments.”

To register, visit

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