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Peekays managing director, Anita Kornmehl
Peekays managing director, Anita Kornmehl

Peekays expands with new jewellery range

Peekays Findings has secured distribution rights for a popular international jewellery range.
Following negotiations at this year’s International Jewellery Fair, Sydney-based findings company Peekays has been appointed the exclusive distributor of UK-based Domino Jewellery, a renowned supplier of jewellery mounts and finished jewellery.

The agreement gives Peekays access to Domino’s 6000-strong portfolio, including semi-finished castings, settings, shanks and mounts.

Peekays owner, Anita Kornmehl told Jeweller that the company would be focussing on the semi-finished product range from Domino, rather than it’s finished jewellery ranges, because of the opportunity to bolster Peekays array of findings.  

“By securing Domino’s ranges, this enhances the Peekays range of findings and settings,” Kornmehl said. “Now we’re able to offer thousands of settings and mounts that were not easily available.”

Andrew Morton, general manager for the Domino Jewellery Group told Jeweller that appointing Peekays provided an easy way to access the Australian market, mainly due to the distributors existing reputation.

“Entry to the marketplace would be more straight-forward this way,” Morton said. “We felt that we could use the history and pedigree of a business such as Peekays, because there was a great deal of synergy with the UK in terms of people and product.”

Morton added that choosing an established supplier allowed Domino the chance to reach more potential customers.

“We needed a partner that reflected our own work ethos and aspirations for the future and putting Peekays portfolio together with Domino gives a strong offering to the Australian marketplace.”

Kornmehl plans to venture into the New Zealand market, but believes the new brand needs to be established locally before any overseas distribution can be discussed.

“We need to further develop the business in Australia first,” Kornmehl said. “We have not had the chance to tackle New Zealand at this stage.

Founded in 1983, Domino is one of three companies that fall under the umbrella of The Creative Jewellery Group and is based in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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Wednesday, 19 September, 2018 07:42pm
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