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Peter Coulson's photo shoot of Urbandon jewellery.
Peter Coulson's photo shoot of Urbandon jewellery.

Slick pics make jeweller instant hit

A Sydney jewellery designer was caught by surprise when his jewellery designs became an internet hit after a series of hot pics.
Don Pezzano, a Sydney-based jewellery and clothing designer, didn’t take too much notice when he heard his designs were being sent to Melbourne for a fashion shoot. 

Little did he know, award-winning photographer Peter Coulson was photographing the edgy jewellery pieces; Pezzano was caught completely by surprise when the pics became an internet hit.

Pezzano, the owner and creator of Urbandon clothing and jewellery was “blown away” after his recycled jewellery collection racked up 23 million hits on fashion blogs worldwide.

The range’s flash popularity arrived after the internationally renowned photographer included the jewellery in a shoot for the Sydney boutique, Gallery Serpentine.

Coulson, who included the jewellery for an “alternative twist”, was also shocked to learn of the images’ reception online: “We’ve worked out that the shoot across blogs acquired about 23 million hits, making this one of our most successful,” Coulson told Jeweller. “I wanted to reinforce the emotion of the original picture with this jewellery, so this is something more edgy and out there.” 

Pezzano was equally staggered by their popularity. He told Jeweller that he couldn’t believe Coulson, an Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) multiple award-winner, had photographed his range. Coulson released 11 beautifully photographed images

“Going from mannequins to live photography was amazing. I was completely blown away at having a photographer at this level,” Pezzano said. “Because of traffic coming from other fashion websites and blogs, there has been a dramatic increase in people accessing my site.” 

Pezzano, whose started out making kinetic sculptures, was talked into creating wearable jewellery when he went to Gallery Serpentine to purchase fake eyelashes two years ago.

“We’ve wanted to increase our jewellery stocks over the last couple of years,” gallery owner Stephanie Serpentine said. “After he [Pezzano] came into our store I thought, wouldn’t it be great to wear his designs?”

After this initial success of his jewellery, Pezzano plans to create more pieces and find wider distribution for his stock and to add to his fashion jewellery range. 

“It all depends on how much I can manufacture as I am still new to the jewellery industry,” Pezzano said. “Fashion jewellery is something I plan to focus on more in future.” 

Gallery Serpentine stocks jewellery and clothing ranging from bridal and costume to sterling silver and alternative designs. Coulson has been shooting the store’s wares for the last four years.

“Each year I’ve asked Gallery Serpentine to send me amazing outfits and pieces that I can shoot,” Coulson said. “I like working with them because it’s simply a box of items and the creative freedom to shoot however I want.” 

10 more hot pics from the Coulson shoot. 


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