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Make sure that your customers aren't falling asleep
Make sure that your customers aren't falling asleep

Are you drab and boring?

There’s no denying the retail landscape has altered in the past 10 years, and while consumers have dramatically changed, many retailers have a misconstrued version of what constitutes an engaging customer experience.  
Retail consultant, Peter Ryan asks, is your jewellery store drab and unimaginative? He presents a range of case studies and five key principles to explain how colourful, immersive and engaging retail experiences can breathe life into struggling independent jewellers. 

Speaking of an evolving industry, if more consumers are going online, why are shopping centre rents still increasing? In an ongoing report in the April issue of Jeweller, we examine what landlords say they're doing to preserve foot traffic and encourage sales.

And, if you’re sick of customers showing print outs of diamonds from the internet, then Jeweller’s 12-page coloured diamonds special report will help in gaining a new edge over online competitors and increase margins. 

Also in this month's issue, which has now been mailed, Jeweller reveals the latest trends in the highly competitive fashion watch category as well as reviewing the rise of stainless steel jewellery.

There's a whole lot more in April Jeweller, including plenty of valuable advice that could help to improve sales and profitability.

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This month's issue

Fashionably on time

Fashion watch consumers demand the latest colours, styles and materials. Emily Mobbs says the following roundup of 2014 trends will ensure retailers keep their fingers on the pulse of this competitive sector. Read more.

Rents up, shoppers down?

 If more consumers are going online, why are shopping centre rents still increasing? Nick Lord examines what landlords are doing to preserve foot traffic. Read more.

The story of steel

 Stainless steel had an industrial birth, but Tennille Secomb discovers over the past 150 years, the alloy has cast off its shackles to emerge as a major jewellery category in its own right, both in Australia and internationally. Read more. 

coloured diamonds offer retailers a new frontier

Sick of customers showing print outs from the internet? COLEBY NICHOLSON finds that coloured diamonds can offer retailers a new edge and increased margins. Read more.

Are you drab and unimaginative?

Drab, unimaginative, price-based retailing is giving way to colourful, immersive, engaging retail experiences that can help breathe life into struggling independent jewellers. Peter Ryan reports. Read more. 

sell the vibe, not every single feature

To sell a product, AmyK Hutchens says it’s not necessary to sell every feature and benefit, but only to show customers that it solves their needs and that they thought of it themselves. Read more.

Nailing that finance

Applying for finance is tricky and time-consuming … but that’s no reason to be disheartened. Brad Bennett discusses how to create loan applications that will win over the banks. Read more. 

Why marketing is dead

Sometimes the best form of marketing is no marketing at all. Tony Argyle explains how marketing strategies within the jewellery industry are in need of a major rethink. Read more. 

How to avoid social media disaster

Social media can be a powerful tool to help improve brick-and-mortar businesses but there are traps that have the power to ruin reputation. Ron Johnson reports on how to prevent such disasters. Read more. 

Spotlight on benchies

There was much discussion last year regarding the plight of the jewellery industry and the challenges for brick-and-mortar retailers competing with internet sales. Read more. 

The exotics: colour change gemstones

Magicians have used the illusionary power of light for centuries, but consider a gemstone that could harness this power to create a different kind of magic show. Introducing colour change gemstones: the perfect illusionists to take centre stage upon any wrist, finger or neck. Megan Austin illuminates the subject. Read more. 

Diamond: Queen of them all 

This month, Jeweller takes a closer look at diamond, the official birthstone for April. Known as “a girl’s best friend”, the stone is the hardest of all natural materials and has been thought to possess healing properties. Read more. 


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