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Selling jewellery takes more than a pretty face

Selling jewellery these days takes a lot more than a pretty face. In an era where social media reigns supreme, the job of a brand ambassador is far more complex than simply looking good.
This month, Jeweller polls those responsible for keeping the reputations of high-profile jewellery brands in tact and finds that the internet – specifically social media – is having a significant impact on what constitutes a modern-day brand ambassador.

The report exposes why it’s important now more than ever to ensure total synthesis between the brand’s values and those of the personality chosen to represent it.

The August issue, which has now been mailed, also details why closing a repair sale is much easier than closing other sales? David Geller says repairs can be more profitable than new sales if handled the right way.

Also in August Jeweller, we look at how to best handle difficult customers, as well as providing store owners with a staff coaching guide on the selling techniques needed to meet a new set of consumer expectations.

In addition, this month’s issue rounds-off the hottest timepieces for men. From the latest colours, materials, functions and styles – there appears to be a watch to suit the taste of every male.
There's a whole lot more in August Jeweller, including plenty of useful advice that could help to improve sales and profitability.
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This month's issue

MOre than a pretty face

Brand ambassadors were once chosen for their beauty and popularity but Tennille Secomb discovers that no longer cuts it with today’s consumers. Technology has paved the way for a new kind of flag-bearer altogether. Read more.


Watches are a man's best friend

As watches continue to be the most popular fashion accessories for men, Emily Mobbs sets out to discover the timepieces expected to capture the attention of males both young and old this season. Read more.


sports watches tow the line

It’s not surprising that sports watches perform well in the local market given the penchant of Australian consumers for both playing and watching sport, as well as spending time in the great outdoors. Read more. 


Top 10 jewellery repair pricing mistakes

The repairs department is an often overlooked but lucrative source of revenue, especially in difficult times. David Geller discusses how to price repairs properly. Read more.

sales coaching an emerging challenge

Consumer habits might have dramatically changed over the past five years, but Richard Ruff says that most businesses have not adapted their selling techniques to the new consumer. Subscription required. Read more.


star gemstones: armed and phenomenal

When rotated in the hand, star gemstones seem to follow the bearer in an unblinking gaze. It’s easy to see why they were once used as guiding stars by ancient travellers and seekers. Megan Austin reports. Read more. 



disarm difficult customers

The difficult customer is a common excuse for staff who struggle to sell but there are ways to turn all customers into sales. Leonard Zell reports. Read more.



it's all about the second item

Selling in multiples is how retailers get ahead. Rick Segel and Matthew Hudson say the difference between closing one item and two items is the difference between a good and great salesperson. Read more.



five waYs to rev-up retail staff

It is possible to employ amazing retail staff, so resist the temptation to employ unmotivated “casuals”. Barbara Crowhurst lists five simple acts that will drive up employee engagement and sales. Read more.



rules of engagement

The right and wrong ways to engage a customer can determine if a sale will happen before it even begins. Doug Fleener presents three steps sure to help salespeople go to the next level. Read more.



'about' pages that convert

One of the most important areas on any website is the “about” page. Arun Sivashankaran reports on how to optimise this space to generate engagement and establish a relationship with potential customers. Read more.




give an apprentice a go

How many apprentices are you going to train? My goal is 10. Yes, that’s right. My goal is to train 10 apprentices over the course of my career. I’m well on my way to achieving that objective too, having already trained seven. Read more.


peridot: the gem of light

Known as the gemstone born in fire, Peridot can be found in volcanic rock. The Romans called it the evening emerald, whereas the Greeks believed it bestowed royal dignity upon its wearer. However, the Egyptians dubbed it the gemstone of the sun because of its ability to ward-off anxiety. Read more.





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Sunday, 29 March, 2020 07:13pm
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