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How to decrease your leasing costs

While rental reviews can be a sore point for jewellers, experts say a little knowledge about leasing laws can go a long way to knowing your rights and reducing your costs.

Jewellery storeowners might be surprised by what is permissible under state leasing laws. Indeed, our report on handling retail rent reviews documents many of the clauses that should prove useful when negotiating with powerful landlords.

Jeweller’s November issue, which has now been mailed, also features the latest white metal design options hitting the market. It seems a new breed of alloy innovations is vying for attention, promising to deliver on quality, price and design.

Are you missing the point about multi-channel retailing and the technology that facilitates it? According to retail expert Bob Phipps, shopping is about discovery, not being discovered.

Have you heard about the “smart jewellery” craze and what it could mean for the independent retailer? We have the lowdown on the newest high-tech ”jewellery” in the form of rings, bracelets and pendants. Smartwatches were so last year! 

This month’s Jeweller includes all of our regular columns as well. There’s a lot of valuable advice about better managing your jewellery business and how to reach for retirement gold – it appears that it’s never too early to start planning.

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This month's issue

So hot white now

White metal options are rapidly expanding. Emily Mobbs uncovers the latest alloy innovations hitting the market and where they stand alongside old favourites. Read more.



Readying for rent reviews

Rental reviews can be a sore point for retailers who feel ill-equipped to navigate the process with confidence but, as Gary Newton, Susan Bellamy and Oliver Meehan report, a little information can go a long way. Read more.



Jewellery just got smarter

Forget smartwatches; the latest high-tech wearables come in the form of rings, bracelets and pendants. Emily Mobbs investigates the new ”smart jewellery” craze and what it could mean for the independent retailer. Read more.



Reaching for retirement gold

If you’re not set up properly for retirement, it might be time to ask yourself why you’re working. David Brown discusses what’s needed to achieve your future living and wealth needs and navigates the principles of GAP analysis. Read more.




Trends to tantalise in 2015

In its latest forecast, Swarovski Gems outlines the trends expected to impact the jewellery industry next year. India Nicholson has the rundown. Read more.





Many paths to nowhere

Retailers who focus too heavily on multi-channel retailing and the technology that facilitates it are possibly missing the point. According to retail expert Bob Phibbs, shopping is about discovery, not being discovered. Read more.




Marketing trends that need attention

From one-to-one to peer-to-peer, the relationship between consumer and brand has been tipping over the past few years and the consumer is the one gaining scale. Bryan Pearson reports. Read more.




Charting the right course

Diagnostic management is about identifying a problem while prescriptive management is about identifying a solution. Doug Fleener says both are essential for strong managerial leadership. Read more.




To catch a click

Retail jewellery websites need to be providing more than just information. Ron Johnson discusses the key website elements required for converting prospective customers into buyers. Read more.




I am Plating. Hear me roar.

Hello, my name is Plating. I have no voice so Helen Hagerty has been kind enough to be my mouthpiece. Read more.





The gem detective: identifying blue gemstones

Beautiful blue gemstones ranging from sky-coloured pastels to deep-sea blues are captivating to many but not always so easy to identify. In this new series, the gem detective, Megan Austin discusses how to navigate the complexities of the blue gemstone family. Read more.



Citrine: the happy stone

Natural citrine is the most valuable form of quartz, and extremely rare. It occurs when amethyst formations are close to natural heat sources in the Earth's crust. Read more.


German Cuckoo Clock Nest

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