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Eternity Diamonds' new marketing focuses on couples to encourage an emotional connection with consumers
Eternity Diamonds' new marketing focuses on couples to encourage an emotional connection with consumers

Australian diamond supplier relaunches brand

An Australian diamond and gemstone supplier is taking a new marketing approach with its diamond offering in an effort to meet expanding branded jewellery demands and gain a competitive edge over online retailers.

Bolton Gems has announced the relaunch of two ranges that fall under the banner of Eternity Diamonds, one of the supplier’s core product lines that was introduced 15 years ago.

Eternity Hearts and Arrows is one of the lines being relaunched
Eternity Hearts and Arrows is one of the lines being relaunched

The range originally consisted of the colourless loose diamond and finished jewellery collections Eternity Finely Cut and Eternity Hearts and Arrows, and expanded to include the Australian Chocolate Diamonds (ACD) collection in 2013.

Bolton Gems director Brett Bolton said it was the success of ACD – which he believed was partially due to related marketing – that had inspired the relaunch of the two other collections.

“ACD was always focused on appealing to the end consumer whereas Eternity was sold to our clients as an element – for example, as the centre stone of a custom ring made by their jeweller,” he explained.

While Eternity had previously been “selling itself based on its merits”, Bolton said the supplier was now focused on developing marketing that appealed directly to the consumer.

“After researching and studying our other brands, we came to the realisation that there are consumers that want a luxury brand and everything that comes with it – the prestige, the quality, the guarantee, the attentive experience in-store,” he explained, adding, “This has always been Eternity Diamonds but has almost been a secret to consumers. This is what we endeavour to change. We now wish to work with retailers to ensure Eternity’s success in their store.”

In-store, experiential focus

Bolton said the marketing initiative would involve the supply of more point-of-sale (POS) material to retail stockists, including an in-store display stand and posters, as well as increased staff training and finished diamond jewellery pieces.

Brett Bolton, Bolton Gems director
Brett Bolton, Bolton Gems director

“The [marketing] imagery has been changed to largely include couples to make an emotional connection with the consumer,” Bolton explained. “They can envision themselves with their partner in this relationship, getting engaged and wearing that diamond.”

Bolton also emphasised that helping retailers to create a positive in-store experience was key to the new marketing strategy given the increasing number of consumers buying diamonds from online sources.

“As a bricks-and-mortar, Australian-owned diamond merchant, we need to address this growing trend of online purchasing by offering consumers a branded product sales experience that outshines the price competitiveness of the online market,” he said.

Commenting on how this new approach would benefit retailers, Bolton stated, “Knowledge of the brand by the consumer will lead to increased sales [and we are] equipping the retail staff with more knowledge than they have ever had before.”

Bolton Gems will unveil the marketing campaign for the Eternity Finely Cut and Eternity Hearts and Diamonds collections at the upcoming International Jewellery Fair, to be held on 29 August to 31 August in Sydney.

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