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Sydney's Darling Habour will be home to this year's jewellery fair
Sydney's Darling Habour will be home to this year's jewellery fair

Jewellery Fair adapts as industry evolves

The International Jewellery Fair (IJF) is poised to change with the times to cater to the evolving industry.

Set to be held in Sydney’s Darling Harbour next month, the IJF is being touted as the “must-see jewellery event of the year”, and one of the new focal points is “a spotlight on top-tier suppliers”.

Organised by Expertise Events, the three-day expo will host three keynote panel sessions where suppliers and retailers can seek advice from industry experts.
The panel sessions will evaluate the pros and cons of synthetic and natural diamonds, discuss the challenges of rising rental costs for retailers and delve into the intricacies of branded jewellery and “the consumer shift” facing stores.

The seminar this year is a “must see”, according to Gary Fitz-Roy, managing director of Expertise Events, the organisers of IJF. 

“Our three major panel discussions are tackling head-on the biggest issues impacting retail today. With these and the on-floor sessions, we believe there is something for everyone this year – it will certainly be thought-provoking,” he said.

“The industry is undergoing major changes both from the supply and retail side, and this year’s show is more important than ever, packing a punch when it comes to new products or those not seen for years. There is no point having the same old offering, it’s about creating an edge and there is a lot to discover.”

IJF will also host a session called 3 Minute Pitch where jewellery companies are allocated three minutes to pitch their latest products to suppliers and retailers.

IJF will run from 25 – 27 August 2018 at ICC the Exhibition Centre.

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