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Duraflex Group has big plans for Luminox
Duraflex Group has big plans for Luminox

Luminox finds a new home at DGA

Duraflex Group Australia (DGA) has acquired the exclusive distribution rights to Swiss watch brand Luminox in Australia and New Zealand.

The now-defunct Lion Brands previously distributed Luminox.

DGA managing director Phil Edwards told Jeweller, “DGA is very excited and proud to officially announce the partnership with Luminox, which has been effective from March 4. We’ve been in the process of preparing the data and confirming price points, and we’re really looking forward to rolling it out.”

Edwards said the deal was a “very logical transition” as DGA already distributes Swiss watch brand Mondaine, which owns Luminox – though he stressed the two brands are very different.

“We took over Mondaine in August last year and we’re very happy with its performance. Luminox is a different story and a different proposition, but it has significant potential in this market.

“Luminox is very outdoors-oriented and perceived as a sporty watch, while still being Swiss-made, and the key attribute is its glow-in-the-dark feature which is guaranteed for more than 20 years.”

The watches have enjoyed a long association with the military, being the favoured timepiece of US Navy SEALS, Special Ops divers and fighter pilots, as well as the FBI.

Edwards says DGA’s marketing will focus on the existing associations and brand ambassadors, explaining, “Those are exciting stories to share with the trade and with consumers – and we will definitely have a local ambassador in the future.

“We will be looking at a full PR and marketing campaign to roll it out to the trade. As far as the support of Luminox, it will fit within the existing DGA portfolio and receive our full attention and support, just like everything we do,” he added.

Edwards confirmed DGA will have its first stock in early May. “In the meantime, our sales team will be in touch with all of the retail partners to advise on moving forward positively,” he said.

“Any retailers looking for more information or wishing to stock Luminox should contact DGA directly.”

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