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My Store: Small Space Jewellery

SMALL SPACE JEWELLERY's uses illuminated floor boxes to display jewellery and other things that might relate to a new series of work or exhibition.

Country: Melbourne, Australia

Name: Robyn Wernicke

Position: Owner and manager

When was the renovated space completed?

Small Space opened in 2000, and in 2017 I decided it was well overdue for a face-lift. It was completed in April 2018. The renovation included new timber bench tops, floor sanding and staining in “Black Japan”, the addition of the feature pegboard, painting and last but definitely not least, a custom-made jeweller’s bench by Sam Johnson. After sitting at the same bench for more than 30 years I have this schmick new one!

Who is the target market and how did they influence the store design?

Our customer base is someone who likes to shop locally and knows what they purchase from us is unique, original and made by hand. I think the fact that the workshop is open to the customer and not hidden out the back holds intrigue. They can clearly see us working away; this reinforces that what we do is made by hand on the premises. So much of what’s on offer to the public is either imported or CAD or both, so l believe this is our point of differentiation.

With the relationship between store ambience and consumer purchasing in mind, which features in the store encourage sales?

Customers always comment on the floor boxes which we use to display jewellery and other things that might relate to a new series of work or exhibition happening at the time. They are illuminated so they make a great contrast to the dark timber floors. Customers often comment, “Oh, l’m walking on the jewellery,” when they look down. The boxes are unexpected and a great starting point for a conversation.

What is the wow factor?

The expanse of pegboard, which spans the upper mezzanine level and displays a series of vintage tools that were my father’s. After he passed away l couldn’t bear to throw them away. I knew they would come in handy. They make a great impact when you walk in and Dad would’ve been very proud that they’ve got a second life!










Jesse-Leigh Elford Photography

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