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Why jewellers need Business Text Messaging

How often do you use your fax machine these days? Do you even still have one? Do you have a phone landline at home? The way we communicate is always changing, just like shopping; for example, how often do you search something online before you buy it?

If your customers are no different to you, then ask yourself: are your working with them or against them?

It’s no secret that most people would much rather communicate via text message than on the phone or over email. It’s a lot less intrusive and a much more efficient way to engage.

That's why business text messaging matters now more than ever. It’s immediate.

In fact, nearly 90 per cent of shoppers would prefer to engage with businesses via a messaging app, with half wanting to do so via SMS text messaging. The problem is only 48 per cent of businesses are equipped to message with customers.

Business text message can increase your sales, but the problem is that very few retailers are equipped to ‘message’ customers – new and existing.

GOOD NEWS - The truth is it’s much easier to manage than you think. In fact, do you know that business text messaging can easily be connected to your store’s landline?

Also, many of your customers, regardless of age, would prefer to engage with your business via text, but don’t take our word for it.

Below, we highlight six local businesses that have had success implementing a text messaging strategy with situations that aren’t dissimilar to many jewellery retailers who need to efficiently communicate with shoppers.

Improving Customer Service

Zerorez is an innovative carpet cleaning company that has more than 50 locations across the US. Using text messaging has made it easier for them to follow up after appointments to determine the quality of the service.

This has helped them to more quickly identify any problems that might have occurred. Since implementing, the business has seen increased loyalty, more positive reviews, and a higher NPS score.

“People are much more comfortable texting back and forth in most cases,” said  Chris Carson, the head of marketing at Zerorez. “So if they’ve got a problem, we’re able to quickly respond.”

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  Streamlining Communication, More Sales

From the beginning, Joseph Howeth, president of RepairAll, a 14-location mobile phone repair business in California, recognised the power business text messaging could play in his success.

Howeth has enabled Google Click-to-Message at all of his locations, which has made it much easier for customers and potential customers to engage him via text message.

The business began to receive text messages from customers almost immediately after enabling Click-to-Message.

Many of those interactions have led to sales or in-store visits.

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  Growing Your Business

It’s not often that you need to get in touch with your insurance agent, but when you do, it’s typically pretty urgent. That’s why having a business texting solution is so imperative for insurance agents.

To ensure his customers can easily get in contact with him when they need him the most, Mario Aguilar, an insurance agent based in Andrew, Texas, has his customers program his textable number into their phones when he’s onboarding them.

Now, if they’re traveling and need insurance cards or if they’ve had an accident and need help, he’s just one text away.

In the past, Aguilar's staff was often tied down with phone calls handling these types of customer issues. Now, they are able to multitask and focus on growing their book of business.

“I can fire off all types of communication back and forth without picking up the phone and tying up the line,” said Aguilar.

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  Saving Time and Money

Pierce Flooring used to waste a lot of time calling up customers trying to confirm appointments. A lot of times the customers either weren’t home or missed the call. As a result, his staff had to make multiple calls before getting in touch with the customer.

Since implementing a business SMS, they have saved a considerable amount of time because after firing off the appointment confirmation text, responses from customers come in much faster.

This is because their customers are more comfortable with text messaging and can quickly respond from wherever they are.

This eliminates the lag that previously existed. It also has reduced the number of no-show appointments from about 30 a month to approximately one.

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  Handling Sensitive Conversations

Ronald Haulman, Executive Director of Neptune Society Funeral Home and Cremation Services, has the task of working with people who are dealing with the loss of a loved one. During these times when people are grieving, it can be hard for them to talk on the phone.

When Haulman came across technology that made it easy for his staff to handle these situations via text message, the decision to give it a try was easy.

Since Neptune Society started texting with its customers, it has been able to build stronger relationships and provide even better service. It has also resulted in an improved online reputation for the business.

Additionally, having the ability to text with its customers has enabled the staff at Neptune Society to be more productive. 

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  Getting More Reviews

Bruce Titus Automotive Group, a four dealership auto group based in the Puget Sound, needed a way to collect online reviews on a more consistent basis. Their dealerships weren’t getting bad reviews, but they wanted to find a way to collect more.

In order to accomplish this, they implemented an online review management platform that utilises text messaging as the primary delivery channel for the invitations.

Since rolling out this new solution, Bruce Titus Automotive Group has improved its overall star rating from 4.0 to 4.5 and collected more than 2,500 new reviews.

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