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Nationwide Jewellers

More than 400 independent jewellery stores across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific are members of the Nationwide Jewellers – the largest jewellery buying group in Australasia.

Nationwide enables local jewellery stores to offer their customers exceptional quality and value, due its immense buying power, as well as membership rewards and apprentice support schemes.

In addition to these benefits, Nationwide membership also provides  access to exclusive jewellery brands from around the world, discounts from preferred suppliers, and direct access to Antwerp, the world's diamond capital.

Company: Nationwide Jewellers
Contact information: Niven McArthur
Email: niven@jgbs.com
Phone: 02 9418 0000
Exhibiting at: Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth



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Suite 2, Level 4
828 Pacific Highway
NSW, Australia, 2072
Phone: 02 9418 0000
Fax: 02 9418 2725
Email: info@jgbs.com
Web: www.jgbs.com

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