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Now Showing: Opal highs and heartbreaks; Baselworld returns; and $100,000 watches under the microscope

Take a few moments to enjoy Jeweller's Friday Flicks video selection including updates on current affairs and insights into our jewellery trade. This week, explore the Outback with opal hunters, see $100,000 in luxury watches dissected under a microscope, and find out why Baselworld is back.

Opal queen finally 'hits' black opal after tough season

By Aussie Gold & Opal Hunters  |  Length 06:37


Is this the rarest form of Moldavite?

By JTV |  Length 12:37


Deconstructing luxury watches under a microscope

By Swiss Watch Gang  |  Length 19:33


Platinum: Metal of mystery and miracles

By L'ÉCOLE School of Jewelry Arts  |  Length 01:14:00


Baselworld is back  why?

By Baselworld  |  Length 40:21




Ikecho Australia

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