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Rareworks | Retail in the Cloud

Rareworks, powered by TJS and Irys, helps jewellers focus on sales, customers, and designs by streamlining your day-to-day. Starting with RFID inventory management and Swim POS, our customised product line now includes an e-commerce platform, augmented reality, business analytics, and finance options - all created with the jeweller’s needs in mind.

Our innovative cutting-edge solutions help increase sales, lower expenses, and engage with customers in unique and memorable ways.

» Why should jewellery retailers consider using Rareworks?

Rareworks has a positive impact throughout your jewellery business – RFID improves stock control, optimises inventory purchases, boost sales, and reduce holding costs.

Swim Cloud-based POS, developed in Australia, was designed by a jeweller for jewellers. It was created with you in mind.

Swim covers your store processes in an easy-to-use, feature-rich jewellery-specific business management system.

Free up time for staff to focus on sales, designs, and client engagement rather than counting stock and paperwork.

» What benefits can your business offer jewellery stores?

Swim stands for Savings With Improved Management.

Rareworks products deliver that outcome to our clients via streamlined sales and operations, unique and memorable customer engagement, and advanced inventory management technology.

The end result is saving jewellers the time they need to make every moment count!

» What unique benefits does your business offer that your competitors cannot?

Rareworks caters exclusively to jewellers worldwide, with an extensive global footprint.

With our streamlined and integrated products, jewellers can incorporate new technologies into their vision for their businesses and gain an advantage over competitors.

We innovate and create solutions whose benefits tackle many of the challenges of the jewellery industry.

Curated consultations help business owners understand what processes and business changes can be made that have the most value for their business and its operating model.

Our industry knowledge and domain expertise, coupled with the suite of solutions we offer, help jewellers achieve their goals.

Susan Davidson, Chief Operating Officer, Rareworks
Susan Davidson, Chief Operating Officer, Rareworks
“With our streamlined and integrated products, jewellers can incorporate new technologies into their vision for their businesses and gain an advantage over competitors.”
Rareworks, Susan Davidson

With one integrated system backed by our exceptional training and support services, we help to automate, manage, and standardise across environments to create visibility and strengthen profitability. This is what sets us apart from the other industry players.

» Describe the typical user of Rareworks?

Rareworks’ solutions span independent mom-and-pop shops and multichain retailers and wholesalers.

» Are there any options for integration with existing software?

Rareworks RFID is already integrated with many POS systems around the world, of course including Swim. Swim is integrated with Shopify, Tiara E-Commerce, Xero, Clicksend and more to come!

» How does pricing work with your platform?

Swim offers monthly and annual plans, tailored to your business size and profile. Anyone interested is specific pricing structures can find the listings on our website, or contact us for further information.

Our RFID solutions include hardware and software, priced as a combination of licenses and annual maintenance contracts.
We also offer a variety of RFID tags in different colours, form factors, and functionality using a volume-based pricing approach.

» Can your software offer API integration and if so, how does that take place?

We offer API integration and software development kits for some our products.

As I mentioned earlier, anyone who has specific needs is free to contact us in order to discuss the finer points – every client we work with is unique in some way and we’re ready to meet requirements.

» What have been the major advances in RFID in the past three years?

Integrations with e-commerce and virtual try-on elevate the already substantial benefits of Rareworks RFID and Swim POS.

» Any additional comment or information you’d like to share about your business?

The Rareworks team is our biggest asset! No matter what the product is, you need the right people to back it up.
Everyone, from our CEO to the newest hire, is invested in and accountable for the each and every long-term relationship. The outcome is the support, product growth, and availability you need for success.




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