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Retail Edge Consultants | Retail in the Cloud

Retail Edge is a management consulting company that, as a result from demand from retailers dissatisfied with their existing system, sourced the world’s leading jewellery software.

The retailers wanted a feature rich, reliable system with strong support, all at a realistic price. TheEdge was the answer!

» Why should jewellery retailers consider using Retail Edge?

We’re offering the most comprehensive system in the market and we’re a full service company.

We have a team of client services people working full-time to work with our clients and handle any incoming calls and we are the only business in the Australasian jewellery industry that provides industry trends, analysis and information.

We’ve got programmers working hard to deliver programs that address staffing, customer and inventory management needs for our clients.

The fact that we have stood the test of time is important, we’ve been around 20-plus years now and we’re still growing.

Other companies have stagnated or began to decline in membership but that’s not the case for us.

» What benefits can your business offer jewellery stores?

Electronic invoicing is a significant component of what we offer and I think that comes as a huge benefit to our clients.

I mentioned the trends anaylsis earlier, I think that’s really unique.

The advice and education and mentoring are probably our primary offering.

» Watch Now: Retail Edge Webinars

Recently, one of the ideas we’ve been emphasising to our clients is that we are a single source for problem resolution.

Whether it’s improved financials, healthier stock, business growth strategy, or staff performance and retention, we’re offering it all and more.

If our clients have any issue with their business we want them to undersand they can come to us and we’ll work with them to generate the solution.

“Whether it’s improved financials, healthier stock, business growth strategy, or staff performance and retention, we’re offering it all and more.”
David Brown, Retail Edge Consultants

» What unique benefits does your business offer that your competitors cannot?

More recently we’ve begun offering Edge Pulse.

You’ve got your point-of-sale system which is located at the store, and now, we’re offering a mobile app which allows business owners to access all the key information from devices away from the store.

It’s got excellent mobile functionality, real time statistics and all the data you might find yourself needing when you’re away from the store.

It all circles back to that concept of being a full service business.

It’s not just a matter of offering the tools. The name is Retail Edge Consultants.

We don’t just give our clients the tools, we work with them to make sure they maximise sales and maximise profit.

Describe the typical user of Retail Edge?

Every client we work with is an independent jewellery store, however, they come in all different shapes and sizes.

We’ve got your small mum-and-dad jewellery stores with $300,000 in turnover, and then we work with larger retailers doing many millions in sales.

We work with multi-store operations and cover anything that falls into the industry itself, whether it be diamonds jewellery, other gemstones, etcetera.

We don’t work with major chains, our clients are all independents.

Are there any options for integration with existing software?

Whether it’s financing, jewellery valuations, or insurance, we’re across a very wide variety of programs and we offer a strong level of integration.

We believe that it’s important that there are more and more tools available for our clients all the time and as a result we make it a priority to be adept and relevant so that we can meet their needs when they arise.

We need to be relevant to the industry as it is today, not as it was yesterday. It’s a very dynamic industry and we need to be dynamic in our solutions.

We pride ourselves on refusing to ever lag behind in a rapidly changing environment.

How does the pricing structure work with your platform?

The easiest way to understand our pricing structure is to know that it’s a rental model, we don’t sell the software.

It’s a subscription-based service which is flexible depending on the size of your operation, factoring in characteristics such as how many work stations you have, or how many stores.

On average, we charge less than one per cent of a typical store’s sales.


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