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Independent Jewellers Collective | 2020 Buying Groups Report

» What are the prerequisites for joining?

The Independent Jewellers Collective (IJC) is currently partnering with Australia’s finest proactive jewellers. With no sign-up fees or lock-in contracts, we are welcoming partners with the highest ethical standards and professional integrity Australia wide.

All applicants are required to satisfy a standard credit application, and provide store imagery and a high-resolution business logo.  

» What are the benefits of joining?

We empower independent retailers to engage with their customers in unique and innovative ways, partnering with specialists in different fields to bring them the most up-to-date expertise and assistance.

We also offer a hands-on approach – all IJC partners receive structured annual visits from our management team to assist them with key areas of modern retailing, as well as ongoing training and development throughout the year. Retailers can refer to our website for a full list of benefits.  

» What unique benefits are offered?

We have a simple business model that rewards our partners every time they utilise our network of preferred suppliers, to use on our exclusive IJC Vault of retail services.

IJC partners also gain access to our bespoke communications dashboard and Ezi-Billing portal that links directly with MYOB and Xero. We offer tailored marketing solutions specific to each partner’s demographic and store fit out.

Our partners have access to extensive hands-on staff and management training as well as an online training portal not offered elsewhere within the industry. Our IJC directors all have extensive experience in member service organisations.  

» What will your B2C marketing plans involve?

"Our partners have access to extensive hands-on staff and management training as well as an online training portal not offered elsewhere within the industry"
Joshua Zarb, Independent Jewellers Collective

Nobody knows their customer better than our partners, so we will work together with them on creative and strategic marketing plans. We aim to help our partners identify who their target customer really is, and guide them in refining their marketing message and product mix to ensure they’re in business for decades to come.

We will refocus our partners on their point of difference, and strategically elevate their brand.

» What will be the basis of your B2B and internal technology?

The IJC management team has years of experience in developing and administering all aspects of digital strategy and marketing best practices. We have an added advantage in that our chief technology officer is a first-class programmer, so we can integrate our offering with third-party platforms and develop our own infrastructure in-house as well.

We have custom built our Ezi-Billing Platform, which has an integrated B2B Dashboard for all internal communications and resources. It also includes a B2B Order Platform for our supplier partners which has the ability to suggest open-to-buys by category, to plan spending effectively. We are very strong in technology at IJC.

» What other kind of promotional support will you offer members? 

We want to help our partners attract the right customers with simple, consistent, modern styling and messaging that truly connects with their target customer. We will be moving away from the old fashioned one-size-fits-all approach of a standardised printed posters, banners and tickets package, and will be polishing the look of stores by introducing modern signage and merchandising systems.

» How will you support local jewellery manufacturers?

IJC will work alongside many local jewellery manufacturers and supplier partners and will not purchase and hold any items of stock. Instead, we will exclusively rely on the expertise of our supplier partners.

Everyone needs sell-through, and between our own B2B offering and our hands-on approach to member support, we aim to provide as much education to both our retail and supplier partners to drive sales.

This is the best support we can offer the industry as a whole.

» How will your buying group focus on training and education?

Training and education is at the core of IJC. Our model ensures that all partners are creating reserves to use specifically on training or services to better their business overall.

All IJC partners will receive a comprehensive Business Performance Checklist that will offer them scores and feedback on every key performance indicator. As part of their membership, they will also receive a subscription to a complete sales, management and personal wellbeing package from one of our IJC Vault partners.

We will host several training events throughout the year, including state-based training, to allow key staff and managers to attend sessions in a cost-effective manner.

Our training plan will also include international education and networking trips. We believe our smaller group size, strong training and development focus, and one-on-one assistance are some of the biggest drawcards for IJC.

» What is the cost of membership?

Our membership fee is only $79 per month. This fee contributes to our extensive marketing and operational support.

We give back to our partners by providing them rebates to utilise on our extensive menu of business services, typically providing them several thousands of dollars annually to directly assist them to grow sales or reduce costs.

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2020 Buying Groups Report: strength in numbers
By Coleby Nicholson


CONTACT Independent Jewellers Collective (IJC):
Suite 5H, Level 1, Building 5
31 Masthead Way
Sanctuary Cove
QLD, Australia, 4212
Phone: 0402 403 236
Mobile: 0448 416 070

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