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Raising the fashion jewellery stakes

Lobe layering and bold statement earrings are just some of the biggest fashion trends right now. ANGELA TUFVESSON scours the globe in search of what’s hot this season. Read more »

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Reinvigorating community connections in a challenging market

In a challenging market, good deeds can present important business benefits to jewellers beyond any obvious advantages to the local community. ANGELA TUFVESSON reports. Read more »
Image courtesy: Peter W Beck

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What’s trending for bridal jewellery in 2017?

Weddings may be timeless but trends play a major role in how they look and feel. So what’s hot in the world of weddings and jewellery this year? ANGELA TUFVESSON investigates. Read more »
Fire of Australia opal

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Aussie opal on fire

One of the world’s most valuable opals has just been placed in a new home. ANGELA TUFVESSON charts the journey of the Fire of Australia from 1940s mining marvel to national treasure. Read more »
West End Collection

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Unveiling the hottest fashion watch trends this season

The ubiquitous fashion watch is as popular as ever but it’s crucial for jewellers to stay in tune with market shifts to ensure this reliable item remains lucrative. ANGELA TUFVESSON reports. Read more »
Image courtesy: Nikki Lissoni

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Winning trifecta: personalisation, narcissism and jewellery

Personalisation is a major trend but what is it about being in charge that excites consumers and how will it impact jewellery in 2017? ANGELA TUFVESSON reports. Read more »
Thomas Sabo

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Men’s jewellery: forging a new identity

Jewellery has rarely been seen as a male domain but times are changing. ANGELA TUFVESSON explains why men’s jewellery is no longer restricted to watches, wedding rings and cufflinks. Read more »

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Score more jewellery sales by bridging the generation gap

The luxury retail market is dominated by two conflicting generations: Baby Boomers and Millennials. ANGELA TUFVESSON investigates which segment, if any, is more valuable to jewellers. Read more »
Endless Jewelry

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Balancing act: Branded jewellery and your store

Consumers love a brand story but how can retailers convey a cohesive message for the store’s overall brand as well as the branded jewellery ranges that they carry? ANGELA TUFVESSON investigates. Read more »
Image courtesy: <a href="" Target="_Blank">Larsen Jewellery</a>

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Marriage is changing but the ring lives on

Marriage is ever-changing yet the traditional engagement ring remains popular. ANGELA TUFVESSON takes a closer look at the latest market trends. Read more »

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Secret staying power of fashion watches

Fashion watches are helping consumers make powerful lifestyle statements in a market where subtle is in and brash statements are out. ANGELA TUFVESSON reports. Read more »

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Jewellery choice: How much is too much?

Consumers have more options to choose from than ever before so why do they choose one store or piece of jewellery over another? ANGELA TUFVESSON looks into the psychology of shopping. Subscription required. Read more »

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Spotting the next best jewellery thing

Trend forecasting is big business but how much attention should jewellers pay to the trending industry? ANGELA TUFVESSON investigates. Read more »

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Dare to be different...or better

As competition intensifies locally and abroad, ANGELA TUFVESSON investigates whether striving for difference trumps aiming to be better. Subscription required. Read more »

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Gender bender branding: male, female or both?

Gender-based marketing is a traditional approach to business; think pink for girls and blue for boys. However, recent trends indicate a shift towards androgynous and gender-neutral branding, particularly in the jewellery industry. ANGELA TUFVESSON reports on recent findings. Read more »

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Sunday, 22 September, 2019 11:27am
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