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Neonoir's new Honeybee collection, featuring pendants and rings

New Products

This collection of stunning pieces is the latest from Neonoir Jewellery. Read more »
Continued arguments over Diva's new Playboy range escalated through its social media pages

Playboy jewellery stoush swamps Diva

Jewellery retailer Diva continues to feel the heat after launching its controversial line of Playboy branded jewellery. Read more »
Najo's new Rapture charm bracelet allows for complete personalisation

New Products

Leather bracelets with stunning charms illustrate Najo's Rapture collection. Read more »
US-based Holly Yashi with its niobium enhanced pieces have hit Australian stores

Niobium jewellery hits Australian stores

US-based jewellery designer Holly Yashi is poised for Australian distribution after finding success in New Zealand. Read more »
Furore over Diva's decision with new Playboy range of jewellery

Playboy jewellery ignites Facebook fury

After launching a line of Playboy-branded accessories ostensibly aimed at young girls, fashion jeweller Diva has been inundated with complaints. Read more »
The sister2SISTER program in collaboration with a new sterling silver pendant from Magnolia

International jeweller teams up with local charity

Magnolia Jewellery Australia has created a pendant in collaboration with a Sydney-based charity for teenage girls. Read more »
The Headset pendant from Darkcloud's unique line of sterling silver jewellery

DJ jewellery spins success

A unique line of DJ-themed jewellery featuring tiny turntables, headphones and record crates has been popping up on fashion blogs around the world. Read more »

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showing 1 - 7 of 7 results   

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