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Swatch has already begun to activate plans for the newly acquired Harry Winston brand

Swatch reveals Harry Winston plans

The Swatch Group has released its latest financial results for the first six months of the year as well as plans for its recently acquired Harry Winston brand. Read more »
Swatch wants to reduce its supply of mechanical watch movements to third parties

Swatch forced to ease component restrictions

In what is said to be a victory for independent watchmakers, the Swatch Group has been prevented from dramatically cutting distribution of its watch components to other companies next year. Read more »
Danish Design's mesh watches

New Products
Danish Design

Danish Design combines mesh and style. Read more »
Men's timpieces continue to increase in sales, with more men buying multiple watches and styles.

The two faces of men's watches

Fashion-forward timepieces abound this season but a return to classic styles is also emerging. Jeff Salton investigates men’s attitudes to watches and how it will affect what retailers stock this season. Subscription required. Read more »
The "Black Line" range by Candy Time

New Products
Candy Time

Candy Time introduces the “Black Line” range. Read more »
Ruski by Maxum

New Products

Maxum releases the Ruski. Read more »
Andy & Molly Designs' "Tangerine Time" watch

New Products
Andy & Molly Designs

Andy & Molly wrap up time. Read more »
Paul Deneve , ex-CEO of Yves Saint Laurent will report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook

New appointment spurs Apple iWatch rumours

Apple’s latest appointment of a former fashion brand executive to its “special projects” team has fuelled speculation that this is yet another move made by the company to enter the smartwatch sphere.  Read more »
Sekonda's stainless steel watch

New Products

Sekonda promotes Father’s Day. Read more »
Industry insiders now have further reason to speculate that the iWatch is coming

Apple applies for iWatch trademark

Apple reportedly has applied to trademark “iWatch” in Japan after a similar application was lodged recently in Russia by the technology giant.  Read more »
Sean Connery (aka James Bond) wearing the famous watch

Hollywood legends’ watches fetch high prices

A watch purchased at a car boot sale for about US$30 (A$33) and later identified as the timepiece worn by James Bond in the movie Thunderball has sold for US$160,175 (about A$175,000).  Read more »
Wealthy people more likely to invest in jewellery than cars

Wealthy people still favour jewellery

The world’s wealthiest individuals are more likely to spend their money on jewellery, gemstones and watches than other luxury items, according to a new study.  Read more »
Citizen at Baselworld 2013 with its installation art, 'Frozen Time', using watch parts.

Feature Stories
New Faces Galore at Basel

Following a major redevelopment, BaselWorld unveiled a new look to best-ever visitor numbers. Coleby Nicholson says brands responded with stunning product lines.  Read more »

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showing 1 - 13 of 13 results   

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