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Jet Empire's One Tree Hill silver bracelet

New Products
Jet Empire

Jet Empire’s collection grows. Read more »
Bella Donna Silver's Teardrop Antique Harmony Ball pendant

New Products
Bella Donna Silver

Bella Donna Silver sheds a tear. Read more »
Stones & Silver's Forever necklace

New Products
Stones & Silver

Stones & Silver promises forever. Read more »
Classique's cubic zirconia embellished watches

New Products

Classique launches a classy offering. Read more »
Julie Sandlau's Luna collection

New Products
Julie Sandlau

Julie Sandlau travels to the moon and back. Read more »
Coeur de Lion's Geo Cube collection

New Products
Coeur de Lion

Coeur de Lion makes a statement. Read more »
Demand for platinum jewellery is expected to lift this year, led by the Japanese market

Jewellers predict rise in platinum demand

A recent report has projected a rise in platinum jewellery demand this year, suggesting jewellery retailers may benefit from stocking up in the white metal. Read more »
A new pavilion will showcase Australian-manufactured jewellery at the International Jewellery Fair

Sydney jewellery fair goes ‘Australian made’

A new initiative at this year’s Sydney jewellery fair is expected to shine a light on Australian manufacturers and the importance of supporting local businesses. Read more »
Miglio Designer Jewellery is expanding into international retail markets

South African jewellery range breaks mould in Australia

As part of an international expansion, a South African jewellery supplier has announced its official launch in Australia and New Zealand, pinpointing both markets as being key to its strategy. Read more »
The Up Close event included a workshop on synthetic diamond detection

Jewellers get up-close with synthetic and treated diamonds

The Australian jewellery industry recently had the opportunity to examine a rare selection of synthetic diamonds as part of a workshop held in an effort to stay ahead of the controversy surrounding undisclosed lab-created stones. Read more »
Jewellery retailers are expected to benefit from a strong Mother's Day trading period

Strong jewellery sales forecast for Mother’s Day

As jewellery suppliers make preparations to help retailers boost Mother’s Day-related sales, two industry bodies are optimistic that the upcoming trading period will outperform 2014. Read more »

Weekend Reading
Record-breaking 100-carat diamond sells in three minutes, Reese Witherspoon and Olivia Wilde try on Tiffany Blue Book collection, New pictures reveal how Hatton Garden thieves entered vault

A ‘flawless’ emerald-cut diamond – billed as one of the largest diamonds in the world – has smashed a number of records at a recent auction. Said to define perfection and appear like a ‘pool of water’, the stone sold for an astounding price. Click below to find out just how much. Read more »


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