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Top Jewellery Trends
Young and trendy: Kid's jewellery in 2016

The range of baby and children’s jewellery available in the market continues to expand, so what are the trends for this year? Read more »

Monthly Overview
Turn your pesky jewellery returns into rewards

Product returns are never fun for retailers so wouldn’t it be nice to learn how capitalise upon them or even avoid returns from happening in the first place? Read more »

Logged On
Here to help: how social media is changing customer service

Customers want service and they want it now. HARSH AJMERA discusses how the digital age is forcing retailers to review customer service practices and why responding quickly and accordingly is more important than ever. Read more »

Feature Stories
BaselWorld 2016 pulls out all the watch stops

The latest watches from BaselWorld are making their way to Australia. COLEBY NICHOLSON and EMILY MOBBS report on the releases expected to win over the local industry. Read more »

Thinking big? Your small business doesn’t need to

Everyone thinks the premise of retail is the need to generate growth but what if growth isn’t that important after all? KARYN GREENSTREET explains why thinking big is no guarantee of success. Subscription required. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Brand success is more than a flashy logo

Building a brand involves so much more than selecting a name, catchy tagline and colour scheme. SUE COCKBURN reports this is especially true when it comes to retailers where consumer trust is everything. Subscription required. Read more »
Alex and Ani

Feature Stories
How to gain a branded jewellery edge

Branded jewellery suppliers are working hard to secure retail support. EMILY MOBBS reports on the current techniques used to ensure retailers benefit from brand awareness and customer loyalty. Subscription required. Read more »
Image courtesy: BaselWorld

Feature Stories
Watch supply policies damage ‘Swiss Made’

Optimism may have reigned at BaselWorld 2016 but MARTIN FOSTER says the troubling market conditions of the Swiss watch industry can no longer be ignored. Read more »
Endless Jewelry

Feature Stories
Balancing act: Branded jewellery and your store

Consumers love a brand story but how can retailers convey a cohesive message for the store’s overall brand as well as the branded jewellery ranges that they carry? ANGELA TUFVESSON investigates. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Does customer loyalty even exist?

Many jewellery retailers feel challenged to maintain consumer loyalty to the point where some are completely giving up. Read more »

Developing a gemstone repair plan

Jewellers are often required to repair pieces that are essentially of unknown quality, making a thorough investigation and plan prior to commencement of work paramount. IAN DUN reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
Product returns: turn problem into possibility

Dealing with customers who return their purchases isn’t fun for retailers; however, when handled properly, they can minimise returns or even capitalise upon them. FRANCESCA NICASIO reports. Subscription required. Read more »
Image courtesy: <a href="" target="_blank">Flickr/iSchumi</a>

Tips on Selling
Use stock to bust barriers and engage more customers

The best way to break down any barriers that exist between sales staff and shoppers is to use product. After all, as BOB PHIBBS says, product is why consumers are in your store to begin with. Subscription required. Read more »
Time Essentials is in the hands of external administrators

Time Essentials placed in administration

Local watch supplier Time Essentials has entered administration, with trading reportedly suspended until further notice. Read more »
Applications to the 2016 Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Championships are open

Returning jewellery fair contest takes centre stage

Applications are open for a jewellery manufacturing competition that promises to test a local jeweller’s ability to cope under pressure. Read more »

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