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Top Jewellery Trends
What do the next few years hold for gold jewellery?

As consumers increasingly seek higher quality designs, especially custom-made, COLEBY NICHOLSON looks at what 2019 and beyond might hold. Read more »

Feature Stories
Engagement rings remain the business backbone for jewellers

For most successful jewellers the engagement ring remains the backbone of their business. COLEBY NICHOLSON explores some recent Australian data on engagements and weddings. Read more »

Feature Stories
How to steer your retail business though 2019

A new year calls for new ideas. RICHARD CHIU has compiled some helpful marketing techniques – old and new – to help steer businesses through 2019. Read more »
Publishing prices saves everyone time

Tips on Selling
Should you publish pricing on your website?

Advertising prices through online marketing can be a minefield. JEREMY MILLER has some tips as to how you can decide whether or not it is a move you should consider making. Read more »
The Wright brothers ignored doubters

Intelligent ignorance; positive results

Thinking outside the square is easier said than done, but RICH KIZER and GEORGANNE BENDER have some advice about how intelligent ignorance can produce positive outcomes. Read more »
Allow diamonds to sparkle

Tips on Selling
Three focal points for your diamond business

How does your percentage of diamond sales compare to what it once was? Jewellers should focus on their primary points of difference, according to DAVID BROWN. Read more »

Tips on Selling
Significant retail trends in 2019

Large retailers are often at the cutting edge of consumer change. RICHARD SHAPIRO looks at some of the significant shifts gaining foothold in the US. Read more »
Left: Aquamarine | Right: Morganite

Colour investigation: Beryl (Part 2)

In our previous issue KATHRYN WYATT introduced the beryl gemstone family and paid attention to its most famous member: the emerald. Here, she examines other varieties, including the aquamarine, morganite, heliodor and goshenite. Read more »

Moves to ban boxing day trading; retail leases win

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) opposes NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley’s recalcitrant intervention on Boxing Day trading. As the retail sector is the largest private industry employer in Australia and NSW, the ARA disputes Daley’s recent introspective comments. Read more »

India's jewellery artisans get ID cards

Indian jewellery workers have been issued identification cards (ID) and health insurance coverage under enhanced industry laws introduced to professionalise the sector. Read more »

Tiffany creates consumer provenence

Tiffany & Co has seen its stock value increase after declaring it will reveal the geographical location of all newly sourced diamonds, in what has been heralded an industry first. Read more »

WGC forecast brighter prospects for gold in 2019

The World Gold Council (WGC) is optimistic about an improved price performance this year after facing “significant headwinds” in 2018. Read more »
Create dynamic images using a variety of online mediums

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Gain customers with eye-catching images

High-resolution, colourful product images mean everything to jewellery retailers. LILIAN SUE discusses some online tools that can help produce stunning photos that wow customers. Read more »

Soapbox & Opinions
Diamonds marketers, retailers are dragging our industry down

Behavioural analysts, researchers and social commentators have written profusely about the different generations of consumers and their buying habits. The buying habits in the jewellery industry are changing, especially in relation to diamond purchases. Read more »

My Bench
My Bench: Martin Lovell

MARTIN LOVELL says, "Tourmalines can be likened to a chameleon, not that it changes colours at will, but because it can be found in so many different hues, it can challenge so many gemstones for colour and beauty." Read more »

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Tuesday, 19 February, 2019 09:59pm
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