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Soapbox & Opinions
Snapshot of the modern jeweller

We have all heard the saying, ‘Things aren’t the same as they were 20 years ago.’ That’s largely because of the Internet; not only is there competition between local jewellers, businesses are also competing with the rest of the world. Yet it’s essential for jewellers to embrace the technology available to them or be left behind. Read more »

My Bench
My Bench: Gary Thyregod

Gary Thyregod's favourite tool is his laser welder as it makes the impossible repairs possible. Read more »

Feature Stories
10 Years Ago in Jeweller: September 2009

A snapshot of the industry events that made news headlines in the September 2009 issue of Jeweller. Read more »

My Store
My Store: My Jewellery Shop

MY JEWELLERY SHOP says their very open, spacious showroom ensures that their clients have the freedom to view all the stock. Read more »
Turning likes and shares into sales can be a challenge

Logged On
Attracting customers with social media

Crafting creative, regular posts isn’t enough when it comes to social-media marketing. DAVID COEN advises how to use content to convert fans into customers and generate worthwhile leads for your business. Read more »
Put your resources into loyal shoppers.

Tips on Selling
Are all customers truly created equal?

When it comes to dealing with different types of customers, DAVID BROWN reveals the surprising shopper category where retailers should be expending most of their energy, in order to get the best returns. Read more »
Leaders should be open to new evidence.

Rethinking your leadership strategy

In an ever-changing world, questioning one’s existing beliefs and biases is critically important. PAUL SLOANE explains why leaders who can change their minds can be an effective asset to the businesses they serve. Read more »
Certain tactics nibble away at profits

Tips on Selling
Retailers must beware of the nibbler

Some customers will chip away at your profits while you unwittingly chase the sale. BRIAN JEFFREY offers a simple way to stop the nibblers in their tracks, protect your bottom line and retain your product’s value. Read more »

Tips on Selling
The future of sales leadership

RYAN ESTIS shares the key factors in creating a high-growth sales strategy and keeping up momentum from two leading lights of progressive management. Read more »

Organic Gems Part VI: Coral

Coral has a long history of use in jewellery. Many cultures across the world have valued coral for adornment, and also for its reputed mystical features. As well as being prized for jewellery, red coral was valued as a charm to ward off evil and to increase fertility. It was held to protect against snakebite and reduce fevers. Read more »

Investment diamonds: worth the risk?

Consumers are increasingly considering diamonds for investment purposes. ARABELLA RODEN explores the pros and cons as well as any potential pitfalls. Read more »

Feature Stories
The only question retailers must answer

In a market saturated with impersonal digital transactions and the noise of data, PETER RYAN explores what customers really value and why it matters to retailers. Read more »

Feature Stories
Pink Panthers: Europe's mysterious gang of thieves

A shadowy network of brazen robbers has targeted some of world’s most luxurious jewellery stores, committing outrageous crimes fitting of a Hollywood movie script. Yet while many members remain at large, justice may soon be served once and for all, writes RICHARD CHIU. Read more »

Fairs and Events
All the fun of the fair

Find out what’s on the agenda for this 2019 International Jewellery & Watch Fair – including talks, workshops and the jewellery design awards – as the industry comes together for the biggest event of the year. Read more »

Editor's Desk
US Army General Stormin' Norman was right

What is going on? I don’t think I have ever seen a more confusing economic climate than the one in which we find ourselves today. Are we in a recession? No, technically Australia is not in a recession. In fact, we have had the longest run of economic growth in history... of all countries. Read more »

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