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Lab-created diamond jewellery market to grow to US$15billion by 2035

The global jewellery industry is estimated to be worth US$270 billion. PAUL ZIMNISKY reports on the staggering potential of the ‘new diamond’ economy. Read more »

Predicting a synthetic future

There is more than meets the eye behind De Beer’s move into lab-grown diamonds says GARRY HOLLOWAY. Indeed some of the early ramifications have been ‘unintended’, or were they? Read more »

Present and future challenges for natural coloured diamonds

ALAN BRONSTEIN and NILESH SHETH believe synthetic stones only threaten the natural diamond market if there is no disclosure or transparency. Read more »
<i>Images courtesy GJEPC</i>

India International Jewellery Show shines in tough times

Despite significant disruptions to the global diamond industry this year, GJEPC’s India International Jewellery Show (IIJS) didn’t show signs of slowing down. ANGELA HAN reports. Read more »
Image: Swarovski Gemstones

Feature Stories
Coloured gemstones: a spectrum of opportunities

The uniqueness of coloured gemstones may be what attracts consumers but it is the health of Australia’s gemstone businesses that is a testament to the quality products available. LUCY JOHNSON reports. Read more »

Feature Stories
Decorative jewellery makes a comeback

Men’s jewellery and its perceptions in society have changed drastically over the years but the quality among Australian suppliers has been consistently high. KEITH NOYAHR reports on the evolving trends for men. Read more »
Left: Emerald | Right: Goshenite

Colour investigation: Beryl (Part 1)

What do emerald, aquamarine, heliodor and morganite have in common? They are all from the group of gemstones called beryl and are coloured by trace impurities. KATHRYN WYATT reports. Read more »

Would you propose with a synthetic diamond?

Can anyone really predict the future of synthetic diamonds? COLEBY NICHOLSON asks: Do lab-created diamonds carry the same romantic notions of a natural diamond, or are they shrouded in stigma? Read more »

Digital fingerprint unveiled at Emerald Symposium

The Second World Emerald Symposium was recently held in Bogota, Colombia, followed by the 2018 CIBJO Congress. Read more »
Nomination's rhodium-plated sterling silver customisable necklace

New Products

Nomination sparkles with love. Read more »
Daniel Bentley's Capricorn Rose Quartz Cuff

New Products
Daniel Bentley

Daniel Bentley takes inspiration from Red Orchid pods. Read more »

India’s diamond import tax increased

The Indian Government has raised its import tax on diamonds by 50 per cent in, what some believe is, an attempt to reduce the nation’s current account deficit. Read more »


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