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Victorinox Swiss Army's new AirBoss timepiece

New Products
Victorinox Swiss Army

Drawing upon the energy of the Air Boss who oversees all launch, landing and aircraft movements, this Victorinox Swiss Army timepiece is all about precision in timekeeping. Read more »
Peter W Beck's bangles

New Products
Peter W Beck

Traditionally known for its wedding rings, this bangle stack is a departure from Peter W Beck’s usual offerings. Read more »
Morellato's new 'Colours' watch

New Products

Vibrant and eclectic, these multi-coloured timepieces are part of Morellato’s new ‘Colours’ collection. Read more »
Integral Design's new bracelets from its 'HiLight' range

New Products
Integral Design

The gold and diamond inserts in these bracelets are called ‘HiLights’ and are the inspiration behind the ‘HiLight’ range. Read more »
DKNY's new necklace

New Products

Crafted using two imitation pearls, the ‘Pearl Passion’ necklace is one of three contemporary matching pieces. Read more »
Allure's new South Sea pearl strands

New Products
Allure South Sea Pearls

Oceans as far apart as Tahiti, Australia, Philippines and Indonesia are the original birthplaces of these luxury South Sea pearl strands. Read more »
Made in Earth's latest dendritic quartz jewellery

New Products
Made in Earth

Brazil is home to the dendritic quartz, the centrepiece of these two jewellery pieces. Read more »
The latest additions to Pandora's Stories collection

New Products

Brown translucent smoky quartz is the star in Pandora’s latest suite of jewellery. Read more »
Soho's new addition to its London collection

New Products

This 9ct gold and matte titanium ring is a new addition to Soho's London collection. Read more »
Bulova's new addition to its Wintermoor collection

New Products

The rose gold dial of this Bulova chronograph creates a subtle accent against its stainless steel case and black leather strap. Read more »
Maxum's new women's watches

New Products

Inspired by an Australian beach along the jagged coastline of Sydney, this Tamarama watch is one of three new additions to Maxum’s Waverider range. Read more »
Opals Australia's new pendant

New Products
Opals Australia

Unusual in its shape and design, this pendant is an extension of Opal Australia’s contemporary sterling silver range. Read more »


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