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Today’s consumer expects better choice, delivery and experience

Tips on Selling
Marketing trends that need attention

From one-to-one to peer-to-peer, the relationship between consumer and brand has been tipping over the past few years and the consumer is the one gaining scale. Bryan Pearson reports. Subscription required. Read more »
The joy of retail lies in discovery

Tips on Selling
Shopping is about discovery, not being discovered

Many retailers are losing the plot: by focusing too heavily on retail technology they are missing the point about shopping. According to retail expert BOB PHIBBS, shopping is about discovery, not being discovered. Subscription required. Read more »
Businesses with active blogs generate 67 per cent more leads than their less-connected peers

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Social selling: connect like never before

Social selling helps businesses cut through the awkward formality of customer communications. Hari Raghavan reports on how to form consumer relationships well before anyone enters a physical store. Read more »
Evaluate. innovate. repeat – a mantra for customer satisfaction

Tips on Selling
The mass extinction of loyal customers

The customer experience is everything and retail stores that can’t provide it will haemorrhage sales. What about consumer loyalty? Forget it. Loyalty is dead. Jeannie Walters reports. Subscription required. Read more »
Start planning for christmas trade now

December is coming

With Christmas almost here, David Brown believes it’s naive to take the trading period for granted. He says retailers should start their preparations for the silliest of seasons now. Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Playing the personality game

Customers aren’t as different as they think they are. Rick Segel and Matthew Hudson discuss the main customer personalities and how staff can handle each for maximum success. Subscription required. Read more »

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showing 1 - 6 of 6 results   

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