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Retailers can now take their own quality images

Feature Stories
Smartphone jewellery photography: studio images from your desktop

PART 1: Studio photographer Lex McColl discusses how jewellers can take high-quality photos of product using only their smartphones and a few low-cost accessories. Read more »
Beware of vested interests at board level

Tips on Selling
Deploy those countervailing forces

Countervailing forces create tension, and tension establishes the dynamics of change, for better or worse, according to Barry Urquhart who says avoiding the status quo can lead to an increase in revenue. Subscription required. Read more »
What colour are your salespeople? blue, green, orange or gold?

Tips on Selling
Competitive sport called sales

Why do some people love selling? What is it that gets them fired up on a Monday morning to throw open the doors and greet the week’s first customers or prospects. Stu Schlackman knows what it takes. Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Pulling power of promotions

Faced with a choice between a store with a reputation for no-fuss low prices and an exciting destination with quality products, Jeff Salton finds it’s a no-brainer.  Subscription required. Read more »

Feature Stories
Tap into your feminine side

Retailers who ignore female buying patterns do so at their own peril. The fairer sex is estimated to make 80 per cent of all purchasing decisions, as Emily Mobbs discovers. Subscription required. Read more »


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