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Weekend Reading
Graff unveils US$55 million diamond watch, John Mayer sues his dodgy watch dealer, The Real Pink Panthers and their US$500 million empire

Graff makes a statement debut at Baselworld by unveiling its US$55 million diamond watch, while Swiss watchmakers express skepticism over the smart watch trend. Read a detailed report on how a group of thieves stole more than half a billion dollars over 20 years through heists, and why singer John Mayer is reportedly suing his watch dealer over counterfeited Rolexes. One woman tells her account of how purchasing an engagement ring online can be smart, but unromantic, while a gentleman in China has been caught smuggling diamonds in his pants.  Read more »

Google officially announces smartwatch plans, US$33 million Faberge egg found at flea market, Pope's diamonds worth US$1.9 million, Disney Princess-inspired engagement rings enchant

Luck changes for a scrap metal dealer who discovers that his flea market Faberge egg find is worth US$33 million, while diamond jewellery owned by Pope Paul VI goes on sale for US$1.9 million. Disney's movie Frozen inspires new engagement ring design, and Google developers are interviewed to discuss their official smartwatch plans - the internet is abuzz with positive reviews for its classic design! Read more »

Pablo Picasso was a jeweller, Swatch sues Target, Gay marriage increases market for engagement rings, Mila Kunis shows off ring from Ashton Kutcher

Preview jewellery handcrafted by famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso before it goes to auction, and read how high end retailers are marketing engagement rings to gay couples. Finally we've found a clear photo of Mila Kunis' simple engagement ring from Ashton Kutcher, while Madonna dons over 1,000 carats of diamonds to the Oscars after-party. Swatch sues Target for allegedly copying its watch designs, and smartwatches are a must-have, according to one rave reviewer. Read more »

Jewellery company creates $250k pieces using Google Earth and 3D printing, Million dollar iPhone released, Brad wears Angelina Jolie's jewellery design for the Oscars

The business of jewellery is ever-changing however one thing remains constant - jewellery is an item that best remains personalised. Read how a jewellery company is using 3D printing and Google Earth to create personalised pieces valued at $250,000, while Australian jeweller John Calleija's explains his most extravagant custom-make requests. Learn how to take Instagram pictures that convert shoppers into buyers, and stay up-to-date on the latest colour trends. Read more »


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